Kyle's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Kyle's Adventure

There was once a teen aged kid named Kyle Lacap. He was at his friends house sleeping over and it was 11:59 at night. They were both alone and were very bored even though there was games to play. They played these games over and over till they fell asleep. But yet, they didn't fall asleep so they were bored to death. It was raining really hard outside and they were cold. His friend Robert Cruz who was having the sleepover was so cold that he put on 5 sweaters. It was raining so hard that the lights and electricity turned off. Robert was so scared he screamed like a girl as he always does. So it was dark and scary but Kyle knew what to do. He went to the power out lit and he tried to figure out how to fix the power. He tried and tried but he couldn't get the code. Robert tried it and he had to try the 1st one. The code said .... (+23) + (-34) + (+56) = . Robert tried to figure it out , but he added them all wrong. So Kyle took out a glow in the dark calculator and popped the question in to the calculator. The calculator said (+23) + (-34) + (+56) = +45. They didn't know if it was right so they tried it anyways. The power was turned back on and finally Robert stopped screaming.

The next night Kyle was still sleeping over since it was winter break and Robert's parents weren't there. It was 12:43 but as usual both these teen aged kids weren't sleepy. They were both in the living room watching movies about some math teacher named Chris Harbeck. Robert fell in love with him and Kyle was just annoyed by Robert. While they were watching the movie something unexpected happened . At 1:12 in the morning someone was knocking on Robert's door. Kyle said it was just the wind, but no it wasn't. The doorbell kept ringing and the door was getting knocked on louder and louder. So Robert told Kyle to check , and Kyle did. They mystery at the door was a tall man with a mask and black clothing on. Kyle ran so fast to Robert that Robert started to cry. Kyle looked in the phone book and checked what the number to the CIA was. At last he found it but it was in weird coding. He had to figure it out. It said (+34) + (+11) + (-45) = , so Kyle tried and he couldn't get it. Kyle's calculator was broken so he told Robert to use his mental math. Robert tried his hardest and got an answer. They didn't know if it was right but they dialed it. The number Robert came up with was (+34) + (+11) + (-45) = 0. It worked and the CIA came as soon as possible.

The next day Kyle had to go home, he didn't want to but he had to. It was 3:47 in the afternoon and Kyle didn't know what to do so he called up Odun. Kyle asked Odun if he wanted to go sledding at green hill. Odun asked and he said he could go, so they went with there big sleds and slid down the big hill more than twenty times. Odun and Kyle saw Sean there and threw snow balls at him. Sean started to roll down the hill and eventually he was a big ball of snow. Sean was angry and mad so he chased Odun and Kyle. They ran so far that they were near Selkirk, Manitoba. They were all tired and sat down. They found out that they were lost and didn't know where to go. So Kyle checked his map on his cell phone and found out he was in Selkirk. Odun and Kyle were so mad at Sean for chasing them to Selkirk that they took a hit to Sean's face. Sean was solid and just stood there. Kyle had to figure out how to get home. His map said Route (+23) + (+36) + ( -2) = was the way to get back to green hill. So they walked that far and ended up at Polo Park. They needed to get the last part of the route to get to Green Hill. So Sean tried , Route (+23) + (+36) + ( -2) =, and he found out the route was +57.

Right after that long adventure Kyle had to go to sleep. At 10:37 at night Kyle finally got to go to bed, he was really tired and sleepy because it was Sunday night. He was going to go to bed until he realized that he had to do math homework. He was so tired that he didn't want to but he did it anyways, he didn't have a calculator but he had one question to do anyways. So he went to his back pack , took out his binder and took out the math book. The question looked really hard and Kyle thought he couldn't do it. But he tried anyways, and didn't get it. He took out a piece of loose leaf and did some sketches with integers and number lines. The question he was trying to figure out was (-23)+(-65)+(-23)+(-34) =. He got it with the paper and he got -145.


  1. JP8-16 said...

    Nice Integer story Kyle, Your story is way longer then mine I could tell by just looking at it. Sorry I didn't get a chance to read it yet, ill read it tommorow. I'm feeling sleepy right now because im kinda sick, I'll read it tommorow.

    October 29, 2008 at 10:36 PM  

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