Scribe Post for October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
(WARNING!!! some information may not be correct or accurate please double check)

What Italian Insects often fall in love?
Today we talked about two questions in that sheet. First I' m going to talk about how you do the questions in words then I' m going to put it in words then I' m going to show you pictures.
Number seven is one of the question that we did. Look at the notes that you did on how to put fractions into percent and that should tell you on how to do the question. If you still don't get what I mean read the following sentence I' m going to write. First the question is If 100 raindrops fall on the tiles, about how many of them would you expect to fall on: A black tile or A white tile. There's about 9 black tiles out of 25 tiles so the FO (favourable outcome) Would be 9 and the TPO (total possible outcome) would be 25. If you want to find the percent first make sure that the TPO would equal to 100 so the answer would be x4 and the rule is whatever you do to the bottom you do to the top. I got 36 out of 100, what did you get? So the answer would be 36 %.
There's about 16 white tile out of 25 tiles so the FO would be 16 and the TPO is 25. So it would be 9/25 and remember the rule whatever you do to the bottom you do the same thing on the top. So you find out what can you do to the bottom number so it would equal to 100 and whatever you get in the bottom you do the same in the top to get the answer. Whatever is in the top number that would be the percent. I got ^4 out of 100, what did you get? So my answer would be 64%.
The largest percent is white tiles so do you think it's the answer? Figure it out!!!

The second question is Suppose you do a survey to find the blood types of 200 people and obtain the results in the table. Based on this data, find the probability that a randomly chosen person has, a.type O+, b. A-, c. B-, d. ab+ or ab-.......
Keep on doing the trick or the lesson on how to put probability into percent do that on all the type of blood indicated on the question. ( I' m going to do A and B and you figure out the rest and try to see if it's correct...... so i don't give out answer and i know you're doing it yourself )

O+ = 76
A- = 12
B- = 4
AB+ = 6
AB- = 2

Blue Sheet ( More Probability )
For homework We did a blue sheet And I' m going to talk about three question one in the front and two from the back.....
Here is the question one for the front
A jar contains 11 white and blue 21 blue marbles. A marble is drawn at random
p ( not blue )

Express the probability as a fraction

You roll a number cube numbered from 1 to 6. You then spin a spinner with 3 sections each with a different color. The spinner has the colors orange, gray, an
d pink
(p [2,4,1,5, or 3 and orange])

**count the gpo's. How many is it it's 18 right**

Now Here's a video about probability***

Now the first page is easy But the second or back page is kinda hard but try as hard as you can and as the year go along you're going to get it. Now i hope you understand all the things I just said if you don't ask Mr. Harbeck and at least i helped you a little bit.
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  1. Jay 8-16 said...

    good job francis

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    awesome. lets hope that when im scibe I do a awesome job like you did!
    [ does that sound cheesy..? :/ ]

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  3. gian 8-16 said...

    NICE, good job!

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    GOOD job francis ! you made a awesome scribe (:

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