Zachs Measure of Central Tendancy

Friday, October 31, 2008

  • the sum of all data in a set of data
  • divided by the number of numbers in the set of data
  • the average of a set of data

3,4,5,6,7,9.10,11 (3+4+5+6+7+9+10+11) /8= 6.875

the mean is 6.875


  • the middle number in a set of data


  • (4) is the median in this set of data


  • the most frequent occuring numbers in a set of data
  • if there are no most ocurring numbers there is no mode

6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,9,13,13,15,19,22,22,22,22,22,23, in this set of

data (6) is the mode.

1,2,3,4,5,6 in this set of data there is no mode


  • the range is the highest value number subtracted from the lowest value number.
  • there is always a RANGE in a set of data.
  • second easiest

1,3,6,8, 9,10 1-10=9 the range is 9

zachs integer story

I only have $5.00! I want to go buy some candy at Ashcroft. Candy bags are one dollar each and the large keys are one dollar each. I want to buy one bag of candy and one key. Then I see a Red bull in the refridgearator for $2.00 and a Rockstar for $2.00. I put them all on the counter.

$ 1.00 + $ 1.00 + $2.00 + $2.00 = $6.00
I OWE $1.00
- $1.00
I'm not able to buy the candy because I don't have enough money. It's all because of (+1) + (+1) + (+2) + (+2) = (+6). Now I have to go home to get more money. As I walk home I find a looney on the side walk. Now I have $5.00. Then a bird swoops down and grabs it. now I have $4.00.

$1:00 (+1) + (-1)= 0

I hate zero pairs! I was almost at $6.00. As I walk home

Scribe post october 30 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008
I will start by saying that today was a pretty easy math class but there was one main thing that I want to talk about. In class we learned how to do a math Question with out the training wheels. In the green book question two is a perfect example of this. The question is -4-3. To find the answer it helps if you say it like this, negative four and negative three. The second step is to get rid of the and and add a plus. -4+-3 is easy to find out but if you want you can add brackets. (-4)+(-3). The answer is -7.

The homework for today is in the green booklet all of part one and all the even Questions on part two.


Today in math class we had a quiz with adding more than 2 integers in it, for eg (+3)+(-7)-(+9)+(-2). There were 10 questions but Mr.Harbeck gave us loads of time. After the quiz Mr.Harbeck taught us how to take the training wheels off of the integers and how to add them up without the training wheels. He called the brackets training wheels because it helped us train for this kind of math. Here is an example of how he took the brackets off.

Questions for the math quiz were easy and simple. They were long but we had 90 seconds which was enough time to finish before 20 minutes. A question from the quiz was (+20)+(+16)+(+10)=+46
He gave us questions with brackets so it was pretty easy.

He wanted us to learn about Combining Integers.

Gennia's Integer Story

The Mystery of the Missing Apples

One day Lara's mom told Lara not to eat the apples that were on the kitchen table because they were for her and her brothers lunch for school, Lara said yes.
That after noon Lara's mom went down stairs to the kitchen after having a nap and realized that there was 20 apples before she tock a nap and now there is 12. lets try and find out how much apples are missing useing integers
(+20)+ (-8)= 12

There is eight apples missing. Lara's mom asked Lara and her brother if they knew what had happend to the eight apples that were missing. Lara and her brother said that they had no idea. When Lara's mom went back down stairs to the kitchen after talking to Lara and her brother she found out that there was now only 6 apples left. Lets try and figure this problem out useing algebra tilles

Lara’s mother was starting to get mad because she thinks that either Lara or her brother is lieing to her and she dosent like it when people lie. When Lara’s mother went down stairs for the third time she realized that there was now 13 apples on the kitchen table. How could this be possible asked Lara’s mom? Now lets see how much apples we have.

(+20) ­+ (-8) + (-6)
(-8 ) + (-6)= (-14)
(-14) + (+20) =13

That means that sombody or something walked into the kitchen and perposly put back 7 apples. Lara’s mom went to Lara and her brother and said that now there is 13 in the bowl when before there was 6. Lara pointed out that it couldent have been Lara or her brother who was doing that because when the mother had went up stairs to complain there was still six, but when she came down there was 13 and Lara and her brother had been up stairs the whole time with there mother. Lara , her mother and her brother now think that it is Lara’s dad who was takeing the apples because he is the only person left. When Lara’s mother went down stairs to talk to Lara’s dad she checked the apple bowl on the kitchen table and realized that there was now 20 apples in the bowl. How could this be asked Lara’s mom? Lets find out what the difference is now useing a number line.
Lara’s mom was happy that there was now 20 apples again, but she is still wondering why they went missing in the beginning. Lara’s mom came to a conclusion that it was a gohst, but then she realized that her therory was stupid. Lara’s mom went to the grocery stor to buy some more apples. When she came back there was only 2 apples left. Lets find out how many apples are missing using subtracting integers
(+20) – (-18)=
(+20) + (+18) = +2
There is 18 apples missing

Lara’s mom was mad when she found out that there was only 2 apples left. She asked Lara if she took any and Lara said no. She asked Lara’s brother if he had tacken any and he said no. Lara’s mothe went down stair and asked if Lara’s dad had tacken any and he said no. Lara’s mother was very confused about what is happening to the apples. Lara’s mom was getting verry confused about all of this apple thing so she went down stairs to take a nap on the couch. Before she went to the couch she went to the kitchen table to se if there was still 2 apples in the basket on the tabel. When she locked there was now 20 apples again. Lets find this out.
(+2) – (-18) =
(+2) + (+18) = +20

Lara’s mom was happy that there was 20 apples once again, so she went to take her nap. When Lara’s mom was taking her nap on the couch she thought she hered a noise come from the kitchen so she went to look. Lara’s mom saw Lara’s dad taking 4 apples from the basket. Lara’s mom said “hey what are you doing with tose apple”. Then Lara’s dad confessed that it was hime taking the apples all along. The End

Scribe Post for October 29

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Today in class, we learned about subtracting integers. In the beginning of class, Mr. H. talked about asking questions and not being shy. Then, he took a nap and gave us two integer questions to do with a partner, then some people went up to the smart board to solve the questions. Those questions were:
(+2) - (+6) + (-2) = ?
(+2) + (-6) + (-2) = -6

(-2) - (+5) + (-4) = ?
(-2) + (-5) + (-4) = -11
When we finished solving those questions, he gave us homework to do. Our homework is pages 48 and 49. For page 48, we have to do questions 21, 22, 23, 27, 29, 30, 37, 38, 39, 40. For page 49 we have to do questions 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 25, 26. Here are two questions from page 48.

21. (-10) + (-8) - (-6) - (+2) =
(-10) + (-8) + (+6) + (-2) = -14
23. (+2) - (+6) + (-5) - (-9) =
(+2) + (-6) + (-5) + (+9)= 0

If there was a subtraction part, you have to change it to an addition statement then add the opposite.

Scribe Post for October 29, 2008.

Today in class we talked about integers. And Mr. Harbeck also talked about how we should ask more questions in class. And he also wanted us to be curious about things, like when were in kindergarten. He also talked about how the second and third part of story will be due soon. And after we did two questions on the smart board. And the questions were :

( +2 ) - ( +6 ) + ( -2 ) = (?)
( +2 ) - ( -6 ) + ( -2 ) = -6

( -2 ) - ( +5 ) + ( -4 ) = (?)
( -2 ) + ( -5 ) + ( -4 ) = - 11

Then we started to do our homework which was pages 48 and 49. For page 48 we had to do numbers : 21, 22, 23 , 27, 29, 37, 38, 40. For page 49 we had to do numbers : 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 25, 26. These are some of the questions :

page 48 ,

27. ( +5 ) - ( +3 ) - (+2 ) - ( -7 ) = (?)
( +5 ) + ( -3 ) + ( -2 ) + (+7 ) = +7

29. ( +15 ) + ( -13 ) - ( +2 ) - ( +7 ) = (?)
( +15 ) + ( -13 ) + ( -2 ) + ( -7 ) = -7

40. ( +2 ) + ( -6 ) - ( +8 ) + ( +5 ) = (?)
( +2 ) + ( -6 ) + ( -8 ) + ( +5 ) = -7

page 49.

14. ( +8 ) - ( -5 ) + ( -9 ) = (?)
( +8 ) + ( +5 ) + ( -9 ) = +4

25. ( +16 ) + ( -9 ) + ( -3 ) - ( -5 ) = (?)
( +16 ) + ( -9 ) + ( -3 ) + ( +5 ) = +9

( +18 ) - ( -5 ) + ( +3 ) = (?)
( +18 ) + ( +5 ) + ( +3 ) = +26

Scribe Post October 29

Well, I will talk or more like type about what we did in math class

Subtracting Integer

Well more like adding opposite.

I was not there for the first part of class but when I got in class they were talking about Mr.H's kid and the game war. Mr.H talked so long that we didn't review the math homework. Anyways Mr.H wrote on the smartboard, I wonder why it's called a smartboard. Anyways he wrote down 2 questions.

number 16 on page 48


well I did Algebra tiles,

It's a little small but whatever, If you can't read it go get glasses, well the answer is + 6

number 18 page 48 again


Aahh we had homework from page 48, well I going to only do one.
page 49
9.(-6)-(-5)+(-3)= -4
If my scribepost does not help read someone else's scribepost.

ScribePost October 29

Today in class we talked about Subtracting Integers.. again. Mr. H also talked about asking questions in class and not be shy. He also gave us two questions to answer on the smart board.. while he took a "nap". The he gave us question that we both adding and subtracting and the questions are..



After we finished solving this Mr. Harbeck gave us homework. Dun Dun Duhhh! We had to do questions 21,22,23,27,29,30,37,38,39,46 on page 48. And questions 9,10,11,14,15,25,26 one page 49. I will be showing you the questions 21, 22, 23 & 37 on page 48 and questions 9, 10, 11 & 14 on page 49.

Page 48

21. (-10)+(-8)+(+6)-(+2) = ( ? )
(-10)+(+8)+(+6)+(-2) = (+1)

22. (-5)+(-3)-(+4) = ( ? )
(-5)+(-3)+(-4) =(-12)

23. (+2)-(+6)+(-5)-(-9) = ( ? )
(+2)+(-6)+(-5)+(+9) = (0)

37. (-82)-(-41)+(-41) = ( ? )
(-82)+(+41)+(+41) = (0)

Page 49

9. (-6)-(+5)+(-3) = ( ? )
(-6)+(-5)+(+3) = (-8)

10. (-8)-(+5)+(-3) = ( ? )
(-8)+(-5)+(+3) = (-9)

11. (+8)+(-5)-(-3) = ( ? )
(+8)+(-5)+(+3) = (+7)

14. (+8)-(-5)+(-9) = ( ? )
(+8)+(+5)+(-9) = (+4)

I think I did what I was supposed to do. So comment if I did anything wrong. Have a great night and I hope I helped with anything you had trouble with.

Scribe Post

Eunice Cadao
Scribe of the day for 8-16

Hello! I'm today's scribe. I'm going to be talking about, today's discussion. Mr. Harbeck talked about a lot of things today, but I'm only going to be talking about work and homework.

In class today we solved integer problems.We added and subtracted integers. The problems were like algebra questions. So you wouldn't get confused solve them one by one and don't think of it as a single question.

Mr. Harbeck said when you are SUBTRACTING you're really ADDING. You know why?, because when you're SUBTRACTING you're going to have to re-write the equation. When you re-write the equation, you change the subtraction to addition and then you're goin to add the opposite of the subtrahend.

Here's what we did in class.. ( Page 48: 21,22,23,27,29,37,38,39,40 & Page 49: 9,10,11,14,15,25,25)


21. (-10) + (-8)+(+6)-(+2)= N
(-18)+(+6)+(-2)= N
(-12)+ (+4)= -8

22. (-5)+(-3)-(+14)=N
(-8)+(-14)= -22


9. (-6)-(+5)+(-3)=N
(-11)+(-3)= (-14)


See how I re-wrote my equations to make it easier. Do the same thing so it's easy and it's required anyways. Well if you still didn't get everyting I said and what Mr. Habeck said, here's a video and a link that might help...


Well, that's it I'm done.I had so much fun doing this. I hope you learned something from my scribe. Don't forget tomorrow we have a math quiz. It's pretty short, and there's nothing new, so nothing to panic. The next scribe is... (drum roll please) ..... JONATHAN! muwahahah.(: Okay bye now! Have fun Seaburn doing scribe! >:D haha! (:

Scribe Post October. 29, 2008

Today in class Mr.Harbeck took a nap. He gave use two questions to do. Both questions were adding and subtracting integers.
He made use go up to the board by ourselves and show how we got the answer. We got a few ways.
(-4) +(-2)=(-6)



Mr.Harbeck then gave us our HOME WORK! We had to do page 48 numbers 21, 22, 23, 27, 29, 30,37, 38, 39, and 40. Also e have to do page 49 numbers 9,10,11,14,15,25, and 26. I am going to show you page 49 numbers 9,10,11,14, 15, 25, and 26.

I will solve all these questions by changing the subtraction to addition and changing that integer to its zero pair, like if you have (-8)-(-10), you would change the subtraction to addition (-8)+(-10), then you change the integer to it's zero pair (-8)+(+10). You already know how to add integers so all you have to do is get the answer (-8)+(+10)=(+2).

9. (-6)-(+5)+(-3)

10. (-8)-(+5)+(-3)

11. (+8)+(-5)-(-3)

14. (+8)-(-5)+(-9)

15. (+15)+(-6)-(-7)

For 25 and 26 it's different then the others because it has 4 integers instead of three, but you can still do it the same way.

25. (+16)+(-9)+(-3)-(-5)

26. (+18)-(-5)+(+3)-(-9)

I hope it helped :)

The Adventures Of Integer Rex

Rex is a dinosaur.One day Rex got hungry and decided to go on an adventure to find some food. while he is out, Rex runs into some trouble and only integers can save him now!

So off went Rex. Rex had been walking for a while, he was getting really tired. Rex had come to a bridge. He was very happy when he did because he could see on the other side berries and all kinds of fruits! So Rex started across the bridge. All of a sudden a giant dragon jumped out from no where. (well from what Rex could see). The dragon grabbed Rex and said to him "if you can not answer this question i will eat you for dinner"! Rex said "what is the question"? The dragon said "(-3)+(+5)=" Rex said "(+2)" The dragon started laughing but then he realized that what Rex said was right! so the dragon snarled at Rex then put him down and flew away. Rex was so happy that he wasn't the dragons dinner, because then he would never be able to eat his yummy dinner of berries.

Off went Rex. Finally Rex was across the bridge. Now he thought that he was finally at the berries, but oh was he wrong. He was right that he saw that berries but there was a creek in between him and the berries. Rex was sad now because he thought that he would never get to eat that night. But Rex didn't give up. He told himself that he had to find a away over that creek. So Rex walked along the creek maybe he could find a log of a broken tree or something that he could walk over to get to the berries. And then he saw it! a tree had fallen over and made a small bridge over the creek. But what Rex thought was a bridge was really a small elf wizards home!

Rex started across the the tree but herd knocking and stomping coming from inside the tree! Rex got curious and decided to go investigate. So Rex bent over and look under the bridge and saw a whole! It was a small whole nothing Rex could fit into, so he decided to keep going. But that's not what the elf-wizard had in mind for Rex. All of a sudden The elf-wizard jumped in front of Rex and cast a spell on him so that he couldn't walk. Rex roared in terror and pleaded for the wizard to let him free but the elf-wizard refused to let him free until he answered a question!
The Elf-wizard said to Rex "i will let you free if you answer this question" "(-6)+(+10)=" .
Rex looked at the elf-wizard and said "(+4)". The elf-wizard look puzzled and crushed. he said "no one has ever been able to figure out my questions i guess you can go". Rex was thrilled! he said thank-you to the elf-wizard and went on his way.

Rex had finally reached the berries! So Rex ate and ate and ate until he could eat no more. So all in all Rex and crazy yet satisfying day!


Gian's Integer Story

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
The Game

day there was a boy named Gabby , he was playing his video games until something came up on the screen and it said " you have to solve this four problems before you can play your game. Get them all right , you get a special version of Rock Band. Then it showed , ( + 5 ) + ( - 3 ) = ? " Hm, Gabby solved it right away he said that the answer is :

Then after he solved it it said " Good job , you have figured out the first one. Now you have to figure out three more and then you can play the special new game. " He went outside and he found the second problem on the ground and it said " Your getting closer , now you next problem is ( + 9 ) + ( - 6 ) = ? ". Gabby thought that this was a little hard so he used algebra tiles. Then he got it. He has the answer. And the answer is :

Gabby started to play basketball. He threw the ball so hard it went over the neighbors fence, while he went around to get his ball he found the third problem and it said : " Your doing great, one more problem and you can finally play the new version of Rock Band. And you problem is ( - 9 ) + ( + 9 ) = ? ".

Gabby finished his third problem , now all there is left to do is wait for the last problem. After a long wait , it finally showed up . And it said " This is your last problem and it will be a hard one. If you get this right then you can play Rock Band. Here is your last problem ( + 10 ) + ( + 9 ) = ? good luck ".

Gabby walked back in, and checked is he could play the game now. He walks in the living room and sees Rock Band on the floor and on it had a message that says : " Now you know your integers, Have fun playing Rock Band. "

Jaymie's Integer story pt. 1 and 2

PART 1 Adding integers

Once there was a little girl named Abbie she was playing dress up when she found that she could not find her dress. Thats when she saw the muddy footprints trailing down the hall to the cookie jar and then outside she followed the footprints and came to an integer question posted on a post it.It said : " I have your dress answer these quetions and and I will give it back." Outraged she read the question.
what is (-3 ) + ( -7 ) = ? she thought and finally came up with the answer -10! she checked her work and found that she was right. At this rate I might get my dress by lunch time! she moved on.

She followed the footprints and found another post it.It said :"Answer this question and you might get you your dress by lunch time." Her tummy grumbled she hoped so. she read the question it said "I have 6 and i owe 3 how much do I have left?' she used her fingers hmmmmmm.... "You have 3 left!" yes correct again!

Her tummy grumbled again as she followed the footprints to another post it. On the post it said : Use the number line to answer this question -5 + 5=0
using the number line she started at -5 and went up 5 steps. "Thats a zero pair!"

She kept walking. another post it was stuck on the kitchen counter stuck next to... a chichen sandwich and... her dress! The post it said :"Wait! before you eat and get your dress you must answer one queston. Using these black and red checkers answer this question. what is 6 + -7 =
she rearanged the checkers and founf that the answer was.....-1!!

Finally! she gobbeled up her sandwich picked up her dress and ran to play dress up.

PART 2 Subtracting integers

The next day Abbie when to her fathers house. Her father looked a her report card and frowned "You did so well on adding." He said
"I had fun learning it." she replied then walked away to play extreme barbie. That night her father called her Mother . Her mother told her about the game she had made up for her.

He liked the idea.


The next day.

"My fairy princess doll! ... Where is it! its gone!" Then she say for the second time a set of foot prints leading out of the room this time she brought a peice of paper and pencil. She followed the foot prints yet again, To another peice of paper. It said:

Jessica's Scribe Post

Monday, October 27, 2008
Scribe Post
Monday, October 27

Subtracting Integers
Today in class we learned how to subtract integers. The thing is, you DON'T subtract them, you add the opposite.

For example. (-1) - (+1) THIS IS WRONG!!
In order to make this correct, you must change the subtraction sign (-) to a plus sign (+).
Then, you change the (+1) to a (-1)
You start with this... (-1) - (+1)
And end up with this... (-1) + (-1) = good! :]
Actually it equals (-2)
Always remember! Don't change the first integer! Only change the subtraction sign (-) to a plus sign (+). Then you change the second integer to it's opposite. Which in this case would be (+1) to (-1).

Integer Tiles

You use integer tiles to help you figure out the answers when you add integers.

(+4) + (-3)=? (Remember the red tiles are positive, the white ones are negative!)

So, since there is only one left, the answer is (+1).

Today for homework we have to do page 46 in the yellow book. Make sure you remember to do three of the questions using integer tiles!

Next scribe : RAYNA! xP

Christian's Integer story

Scene one..

Once upon a time, In a far away place. There was a girl who wishes to have a new shoes, but she can never have. Her father is a farmer and her mother died when she was two, And now shes 12 years old. Her name is Miggery, Shes a girl who goes to school without lunch money in her pocket. Once she went to school with no money and an empty stomach too. So, she borrowed money from her best friend Jeselle. She had borrowed 10 dollars to buy food and other stuff. Miggery doesnt care on saving money, when she has money in her hands she just spend it all. One day Miggery got 15 dollars off their couch. She was very nice, that she thought of paying Jeselle first. She hoped that there will be some left. She try to answer how many will be left ?

I have 15 and I owe 10 = I have 5 dollars left.

She was very happy that theres still 5 dollars left. She was going to spend it already when Jeselle said to save it for a change. It got her thingking and she save the money. One night, he father came home with lots of money from farming. Her father was very happy that he gave miggery some money. he gave her 12 dollars. She was so happy that she wanted to spend it all again. But she remembered that she was saving money because Jeselle told her to. She put the money in a safe place with the other 5 dollars. The next day, while she was walking on the way to school she saw 2 dollars on the street. She puts it in her pocket, and later after school put it in his saving box. she tried to count how many does she have now.

She was suprised that she had 19 dollars. And she was so happy that saving money could be a good thing. She decided that she will continue on saving her money so she could buy what she wants. But she realize that putting things in a box might make her spend it, she decided to take 4 dollars of her money and buy a piggy bank with no opening. So that even though she want to get money off her savings, She won't be able too. She asked how many will be left after she bought her piggy bank.

She was a little worried, but happy that she still has 15 dollars. She realize that that's still not enough for the pair of new shoes that she wanted. So she asked her bestfriend Jeselle is she knew any part time job that she could fill in, Luckily she did. A Babysitting job, which pays 12 dollars an hour. After a week she had been babysitting children for 3 days. 1st day he work for 6 hours, 2nd day she worked for 4 hours, 3rd day she worked for only 2 hours. 1st day she had 72 dollars, then 48 dollars, and then 24 dollars. equally to 144 dollars. she was very happy that she had 144 dollars. She never knew that she could have that much money. now she wants to know how much money those she have all in all? including the ones on her savings.

( 144 ) + ( 15 ) = 159 total of money she have.

She was so happy that she went over to Jeselle's house and thank her by inviting her to go to the mall. At the mall she both some new cool shoes, of course the ones that she wanted. But it was sort of expensive, its about 85 dollars and then they bought lunch at Jugo Juice and New york fries which cost her 22 dollars. how many does she have left ?

( 144 ) + ( - 60 ) + ( - 22 ) = 62 dollars is what she have left.

She decided to keep that 62 dollars for her next saving.

Scene two..
After 2 weeks, Miggery was still working on the babysitting job. She was booked for the weekends only. She was booked on saturday for 3 hours, and on sunday for 2 hours. So she had 36 dollars on saturday, and 24 dollars on sunday. For the first weekends she had 60 dollars all in all. For the next weekends she worked for 3 hours on saturday, and another 3 hours on sunday. We are all expecting that she will get 72 dollars in total. But she only got 36 dollars, because on sunday she got a cold and couldn't make it. The parents that booked her for sunday got mad and asked for a refund with interests of 24 dollars. So it means she has to give money of 24 dollars to those parents, because of her late call. She tried to solve how much money she will have now? (+62): last savings + (+72): first weekends money - (+24): interests = ? how much?

Miggery solved it using combined adding and subtracting integers. Now, she only has 110 dollars, but although she only has that. She was very glad that she has over a 100 dollars. Now shes planning to buy a new nike highcut shoe, that cost 158 dollars. On babysitting she got booked on wednesday for 2 hours, thursday for another 2 hours and saturday for 4 hours, she got 24 dollars, another 24 dollars and 48 dollars. It was 96 dollars all in all, and 206 dollars in total with the 110 dollars. So she decided to buy another new shoes that she wanted.

Now she decided to still continue on saving her money and continue on her part time job on babysitting.

Scibe,October 27 ,08

Today we started subtracting with integers. He pointed out that you CAN'T subtract integers. That was the main idea he wanted us to remember.You have to ADD the opposite. It sounds confusing so I will explain.

Say you have this integer ----> ( -3 ) - (+3 ) = NO!
You have to change it if it has a subtraction sign in between two integers.
So you have this integer -----> (-3 ) - (+3) =
and you change it to this -----> (-3 ) + (-3 )=

I didn't do anything to the the first part of the integer question. For the middle if it is a negtive or a line eg. - you have to change it to the opposite which is a plus or + you also change the last part of the integer to its opposite in this case you would change the (+3) to a (-3). Ya followin' ?
You always change the the subtraction sign to a positive sign and always switch the second integer to its opposite.
He also reviewed on zero pairs. eg - O O O O O
O O O O O --> OOO
and you are left with 3 negatives which would be positive 3.

Mr.H give us some homework and i thought I would put the three that I chose on since I have no pictures because my computer sucks. You had to choose 3 of 45 questions to do with integer tiles. Here are the ones I chose.

6) (-4) - ( -6) =
(-4) + (+6 )= +2

Zero pairs--->OOOO -->OO and you are left with positive 2.

18) (+3) - (-2) =
(+3) + (+ 2) =5

OOO + OO = OOOOO they are all positives yay!!

45) (-7 ) - (-9 ) =
(-7 ) + (+9) =

OOOOOOO---->OO and you are left with 2.

Ok thats the end of my scribe post for today I know I might not have covered everything, aaaaand I have a tone of grammar errors. anyway i choose Abbie A. to be the next scribe! <3

Charissa's Scribepost

Scribe Post
Monday October, 27
Integer Tiles
Integer tiles are used to figure out the answer for adding and subtracting integers. Here is an example:

(-8) + (+2)= ?

Since there is -6 left over that is the answer.
Subtracting Integers
We do not subtract integers we add the opposite. Here is an example:
(-8) - (+2) = ?
When changing it to adding you have to make the second number opposite of what it already is
(-8) + (-2) = -10
Another Example:
(+2) - (+4) = ?
The positive four changed into a negative four
(+2) + (-4) = -2

Page 46 in the yellow booklet
Choose three questions to draw out integer tiles for.

Next Scribe: KATLYN ;)

Nicko's Integer Story

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Integer Wars

The Human species were at war against the vile species of Necters. It all began from a game show...

Ten Days Ago

"We have a tie right now folks and we have three questions left." said the host, "The next question is... (+8) + (-3).

The Nectar was the first one to hit the buzzer. This is how he figured out the answer:

"Corrrrrect!!" said the host, "Necters are now in the lead with two questions remaining. This question could be the end of the human superiority in knowledge. The question is (-4) + (-3).

The human player's hand hit the buzzer as fast as a lightning can appear and disappear. The human showed the question this way:

"Exactly right!!!" the excited host yelped, "This is it folks, the question that will decide who is inferior and superior in knowledge!! The final question is..... (+1) + (+1).

Both the players hit the buzzer the exact same time.

"Well since you guys seem to have a tie," the host said, "I'm going to answer the question for everyone! The answer is 2. It is easy enough to answer in your head. I know it's not rocket science, but go me!!"

"Now for the real deal, the question is..." the host paused dramatically, "What is (-12) + (+21)!?"

The human and the Necters stared at each other for a split second and then it happened... the human buzzer rang loud!! The human then jumped up and laughed.

"I believe that the answer is 9!!" the human yelled out, "This is why I am sure of it:"

"Unbelievable folks!! The humans have won the battle of wits." the host said in a cheery way, "The humans are now the smartest species there is!!!"

"WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! YEAHHH!!!" the humans exclaimed.

"This is stupid! It was obviously a battle of speed than a battle of wits!!" the Necters viciously screamed, "Humans are inferior to us and we will show you!!! This is not over!!!

Present Day

It's now the seventh day of war between the humans and the Necters. The vile creatures, the Necters, have began to invade the humans' homeland, Reath. A group of humans have been chased down to a defensive outpost right outside the city. The outpost was built as a maze to protect the city, it stretches all around the city. It has a series of locks and alarms that can only be opened through answering questions only the brightest species can possibly answer.

The Necters have followed the humans to a huge building that seems to stretch forever. Upon reaching the building's entrance, a hologram of a woman appeared from the door. The woman was young and beautiful, she also looked very neat and organized. The woman said, "I am Rebekah and I am here to assist you. The following questions will determine if you are worthy enough to enter the great city of Wen Yesrej. Answer these following questions and i will open the door for you." Her image disappeared but was followed by 2 questions.

Ivan, the leader of the Necters said, "This is way two easy. I'll even show you how to get the answers. From where I come from we don't believe in subtracting. It's too confusing. We do, however, add the opposites. Watch!!"

Loud noises came from the door as it unlocks. It's size made the door hard to move. It slowly swung open to give a full view of the wondrous city. Walking towards them was the young woman, Rebekah. She came up to them and greeted, "Welcome to Wen Yesrej. We humans only want peace and we are terribly sorry if we have given your species any offense. You have to understand that not all humans are the same and they all have different qualities."

In response, Ivan said, "We Necters did not come here to wage war anymore but to make peace and unity with the humans. We believe that if we join forces we will be the super species that will be invincible."

"I believe we can make this happen and we can do this right now. However, I am having trouble reaching my brother who has the only contact with out leader."

"Is there anything we can do? We would like to be on our way as soon as possible to deliver our message to our people."

"Well, to reach my brother I need to answer a question as a security check. However, I'm having trouble and it would be greatly appreciated if you helped."

"Already then, what would the question be?"

"It is, (-15) + (+8) - (-7) -(+13) + (-4)."

"Thank you very much!! We are going to have a good relationship and we will make great technological advances. I wish you well on your trip and I can't wait until you return. So long then."

(This is the story of the War of Wits)

Marc's Integer Story

Pirates of the De Guzman ship

Once upon a time there was a boy named Patrick who was the captain of the De Guzman ship. Nicko (Patrick's partner) was the vice captain of the ship and he would help Patrick sail the seven seas. One day the De Guzman ship bumped into a city port and the sailor's guarding the gate to the city wouldn't let the pirates pass. Nicko the Vice Captain asked if there was a way to get into the city fast because one of the pirate members was sick and they needed to get help right away. The guards told them there was one way to get into the city and that was to answer a question. The question was...

(+7) + (-3)=? and the answer was.... (+4)

Then after they finally got the riddle right, they were led into the city to find a hospital. One of the pirate members moaned and groansed as the were carrying him through the city. Then they were stopped on the streets by another guard that was patroling the streets. The patrol asked what were a bunch of savvy pirates walking on the padestrian side walk. Then the De Guzman pirates explained what they were doing and they tried to reason with the patrol. The patrol understood them quite clearly but they had to answer another riddle just to be safe. The question was...

(+16) + (-8)=? and th answer was....(+8)

Then after they answered the question properly they were led to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctor asked what was wrong and they explained briefly what was wrong and the doctor understood right away. The doctor led them into a room where he could operate on the sick pirate member. Then the Pirate was healed and was good as new. After they exited the hospital, walked down the street, and to the gate, they were again stopped by the guards and were asked another riddle. The last question was....

(+24) + (+24)=? and the answer was....(+48)

In the end they figured out something new to them and that was called math. A question for the reader is (-67) + (-63)=? Do you know what the answer is?

It's (-130)!!!

Part 2

There was one early morning when Nicko woke up, He dressed up to preform his duties on the ship when he noticed that the captain of the ship(Patrick) wasn't anywhere in sight. Nicko, the loyal assistant searched the ship but he couldn't find the captain anywhere. Nicko nearly gave up but he didn't when he saw this tiny chest on the captain's desk. There was a letter beside it and it said "When you read this note you'll probably notice that I am gone, my assistant(Nicko) is the only one who can open the chest...if anyone else opens this chest you will face the brutal wrath of my fists.. sincerely yours, Patrick. With shock Nicko tries to open the chest but then there was a question. The question was...

7+3=? and the answer was 10

When Nicko finally solved the first question, the lock on the chest finally opened. When he opened it there was another chest inside with and even more complicated lock.
He tried opening the lock but it didn't work. But that's when he remebered what the magical wizard named Harbeck brutally teached him how to do this kind of question. the question was...

7+(-3)+8-(-4)=? then he remembered that he could do this..
7+3+8+4=? and the answer was 24...

Then the smaller chest opened, Nicko quickly opened the chest to see a little envelope that had a magical picture that didn't let Nicko open the envelope. Then a glowing question appeared in front of him. He thought the question looked preety easy because it looked small but it took him a awhile to figure it out. The question was...

(6)-(-4)=? then he tried a strategy the the wizard named Harbeck taught him
(6)+(4)=? and the answer was 10!!

Then the seal broke and he opened the envelope. Inside was a photo of a beach. Nicko thought a bit and he looked at the back. On the back it said "Hey Nicko, if you were looking for me I'm at the beach hidden in the island, come if you want and bring some of the pirates with you. See you then!!

That was part 2. Now here's an answer for you! The question is...

345-456=? Try to answer that one! Try it it's easy.

Francis's Integer Story

Ena incredible integer story!!!

There once was a girl named Ena, she was a very smart girl. One day Ena was sent to a quest to try to find the missing jewels that was stolen from their kingdom. While she was walking through a forest he saw a guy playing the flute. When he was done playing he told a story to Ena about a dragon who lives in a castle way beyond the caves. Only one spell can kill the dragon and set free the goddess of air. The spell of wise and courage. Ena didn’t know what it means so she just carried along not knowing what it means. When she went to the entrance of the palace he saw an integer question and a message saying you must answer this before you can enter the dungeon of the dragon. It was an integer question no one can never figure out except her. She tries to answer but she doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong.

When she was about to enter she heard a voice under the bridge so she went to look where it is coming from. When she was in the bridge she saw a guy holding a knife and she taught it was a killer but she found it was only chopping the food he’s going to eat for dinner. Ena asked the guy “Who are you” but the guy didn’t answer her. She went down the bridge and she saw the same guy playing the flute earlier. The guy asked her if she’s hungry so the guy invited Ena for dinner. After Ena is done the guy told a story to Ena about his wife. He said that he’s wife was a beautiful girl but one day she just vanished like a air blowing and gone. He said he didn’t know what happen to her and up to this day he still misses her. After he told the story to Ena they heard a growl coming from the dungeon and a treasure chest come flying through them with an Integer question written on it to open it. And again Ena figured it out but doesn’t know If it’s correct.

The treasure chest contained key that has a skull bone drawings all over it and it was as large as a palm of a hand. Ena thinks that the key was for the door of the dungeon so she tried it out. Just before Ena was about to open the door the old man warned her again about the dragon living in the castle. When Ena entered the castle he heard the growl getting louder and louder then right in front of her a big dragon came up and started to attack her but the dragon stopped and flew again. Ena was so scared that he passed out, when Ena woke up he saw the old guy sitting beside her and she ask the guy what happen. The guy said “you passed out the entrance so I carried you back here at my home”. Ena didn’t do anything, the next day Ena prepared a tools to fight against the dungeon. Ena entered the dungeon again and this time she’s ready to face the dragon. Another door just about 20 meters away from the other one another integer question was written on it so Ena hurried up and answer it and carried along to the next place.

She didn’t know what was coming so when she was about to enter she saw a witch flying around and attacked her. The witch used a wand to attack her but as quick as possible Ena dodged the magic and attacked the witch with a bone arrow but it didn’t work because the witch is to fast. Ena tried so many times to hit her but it just doesn’t work. The witch had Ena cornered but Ena used a potion to put smoke all around and Ena Dodged secretly so the witch wouldn’t hear her. When Ena went behind the witch she strucked the witch with his bone arrow and the witch melted away and leave something behind. The witch left a potion of immortality behind Ena dranked it and she felt an amazing power building inside of her. When she was done she went to the next door and find another door with an integer on it so Ena tried answered it and the door opened.

When Ena opened the door he found a city full of people with shopping stores and things. Ena didn’t know where she was she was wearing different clothes for medieval town but she saw many people wearing uniforms and shirts so she got scared and run away. A guy saw her and he said “umm… Are you alright”. Ena didn’t answer and she just fainted because she was so thirsty. The guy took her to his house when Ena woke up he saw herself lying on a bed and have some bandages on. When the guy came to the room he saw Ena awake so he prepared her some soup so she would be better. While Ena was eating soup she asked the guy what was his name and the guy said “Eric”. “Nice to meet you Eric, my name is Ena. Eric took Ena to an arcade bar then there was one game that talks about integer which Ena was really good at. Ena answered it as quickly as possible and the other questions too until she got to level 100 and finished the game. Everyone in the arcade bar was so impressed the they gave her an award.Then they went to a few more places the Ena got so tired, while she was walking she saw a very big door it was opened. Inside was a guy with a very large sword almost as big as 3 story building. The guy attacked her and the solid titanium ground almost cracked and the ground shakes. Ena tried to attack her but it didn’t do anything, when Eric saw the guy a mysterious light came out of his forehead blinding the monster. It give Ena the chance to attack and completely destroy the monster. When the light went out Eric fainted then Ena took him to his house and treated him. When Eric woke up he saw a note on the table saying “ Mr. Eric thanks for helping me and I hope to see you again someday” Ena. Eric was sad because Ena is the only best friend he ever had. Ena continued to the door then she saw another integer and answer it and went to the next place.

When Ena was on the other side she saw another town this time it was full of wizards and mages. She saw a guy that’s causing to much trouble in town that everyone hated him. No one ever likes James he was just a beginner mage training in a wizard school. Ena talked to James she said “ummm….what are you doing” asked Ena. She saw a dog turned into an Octupus, fish, bird and pig combined together to make a really ugly kind of looking monster. James said “I was just practicing on my skills if you can call this a skill”. Ena tried the wand but nothing happened when James tried the wand again he turned hi dog into a 10 headed cute little kittens. After that he tuned him into a 20 foot 40 headed vicious dragon that’s destroying the town. When the townsfolk’s saw the dragon they all blamed James and went after him, good thing Ena hid James just in time for the firework’s biggest and brightest fireworks’ display. Ena hid James in an old house by the shore of course she couldn’t get in because the lock was an integer lock so she answered it as quickly as possible because it was freezing outside.

When Ena and James were sleeping Ena saw a door that leads out of nowhere. When she opened it lead her back to the castle, when she entered the door locked and the dragon came out of nowhere. First the dragon fired a big fire ball to Ena but she dodged it as quickly as possible. There was no way for her to attack the dragon because it was too big and impossible to be attacked. When the castle was almost destroyed Ena got hit with a huge rock from the ceiling she couldn’t barely stand up, then James came out of nowhere and lifted the rock so Ena would have a chance to attack. When a fog came it was the time to attack but it seemed like it didn’t seem to affect the dragon at all. When Ena was looking around for James and James was nowhere to be found in the castle. Ena had all bruises and cuts around his body and she can’t even stand up. When Ena was about to back down she saw a heart it was a heart of love then when she touched it she heard different kind of voices. “you can do it, We give you our wisdom, c’mon you can do it, My daughter I miss you I wonder where you are, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT ENA!!!”. When she heard all those voices she stands up and an enormous light came out of the sky and healed Ena and it also gave an enormous power to Ena no one has never even imagine. In one big huge blast it strikes the dragon right in the heart and killed the dragon and restored balance to the Earth. When the fighting was done she had a choice in either to go back to her world or go back to Eric. Ena had a better choice, she destroyed the castle that blocks the human world and their world. So now Ena and Eric got to see each other again. Three years after Ena and Eric got married and lived in a very peaceful place. They had three children named Eric, Ena and James. When Ena was looking at the beach she saw the old guy in the shore and turned into a heart so the heart that’s guiding Ena all along was the old guy.


Jessalyne's Integer Story

The Integer Genie

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Chris, and he was sleeping. Once he woke up he saw that he fell asleep without doing his homework. He didn't know what to do so he paced the floor nervously. Chris knew he couldn't stay home because his parents were going to be at work, and he didn't want to stay home. Chris knew that there was no time to spare. He got ready quickly, skipping his morning shower. He thought that with at least a little bit of time, he could get some homework done. Chris was sitting in the living room, trying to get some work done. It was no use. This work required some time, and Chris only had 30 minutes until he had to head off for school. Out of nowhere, a magic genie appeared.
"Solve this integer pro
blem and I will have your homework done in a second!" The genie offered. Chris looked at the problem, and right away he knew what to do. Algebra tiles was the first thing that came into his mind.

"Yes! That's right!" Exclaimed the genie. "Your homework is now complete!" Chris jumped for joy at that thought. Now he could enjoy his breakfast. Later on, he was on his way to school when he spotted a small kitten stuck in a tree. He didn't know what to do. He had to get to school, but he knew he couldn't just leave when a kitten was stuck in a tree. Suddenly, the same genie appeared again.

"Solve this second integer problem, and I'll guarantee that this cat will be free from this tall tree." The genie said.
"I'll use a number line this time!" cheered Chris.

"That's right again!" The genie said cheerfully. With a blink of an eye, the kitten was falling to the ground, gently and safely. Chris cheered. He could make it on his way to school.
The day was going by smoothly. Chris was very happy.. that is, until he remembered that there was a new comic out of his favourite series, but the line started at 1:00pm and there was only 20 copies. Many of his friends said that they got their parents to line up for it, but Chris couldn't
since his parents where at work. Then, you guessed it. The integer genie appeared yet again with another puzzle.
"Solve this one, and I'll have the comic appear
right in front of your eyes." Chris was overjoyed.
"I need this comic so bad! I'll use have and owe."

"Good job, Chris! That's right again." The comic appeared right on Chris' desk. He jumped for joy! All of his friends wondered how he got it without even lining up. Chris just told them it was magic.
Soon enough, it was time to go home. Chris peered out the window, and it was raining hard. He had to walk 4 and a half blocks to get home, but he didn't want to if there was rain. He was waiting for the integer genie. Then, BAM. The genie appeared.
"Solve this, and you'll find yourself inside your house." Chris was so happy, and he decided to use mental math for this.

"I know the right answer for that!" Exclaimed Chris. "The right answer is...-1!"
"That's right!" Said the genie. "Now, go home!" And Chris was safe and sound in his own home.

Rayna's Interger Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008
My Secret Love

Lula was a very popular girl. Everyone loved her, but there was one secret that no one knew about her. It all started in the seventh grade she had her very first math test of the year she loved math , but this test was different. She had been studying for weeks, her teacher put the test in front of her. She started to read the very first question was easy for her.
She didn't even have to think about it, the answer was (+5), but the teacher wanted her to prove her answers.
(+15) + (10)=(+5)
She finished the rest of the test before the rest of the class, so she went through her binder looking for something to do, when she came upon five pencils and the guy next to her stole 3 pencils from her she look and found out how many pencils left.

Class was finally over so Lula went home. The next day Lula went to social studies, when she walked into the door her teacher asked her to sit two seat in front of the sixth seat.

So she sat in the fourth seat she sat right beside the cutest guy in the seventh grade, he was adorable. In class they were learning about early humans and it was sort of confusing because there were so many different ones and they all had different characteristics and different ways of living, it's was really weird.

Next period Lula had art and they were coloring pictures that they made last class and she had 24 pencil crayons, then her best friend Kekee asked to barrow 5 crayons, but Lula need to know how many pencil crayons she had left so she used money because she ad money and she didn't want to count all her pencil crayons.
I have 24 and I owe 5= I have 19.
After class she got all her pencil crayons back and went to lunch with her friends, but she felt really sick so she went home. It's was not very pretty when she got home she was vomiting all over the place. So she went to sleep, but sadly she never woke up. Just kidding she woke up the next day and she felt better and went to school.

This story was fiction and all fiction exept for the part about the pencil crayons I really do have 60!

Bobby's Integer Story

Sean and his integer challenges

Once upon a time, a boy named Sean was sleeping. He woke up at his
house but no one was at home. He was so happy that he was finally
alone. There was a note and some money on the fridge that says
"here's money for food, buy something and we'll be back in a few days.
love mom". Sean took the money and put it in his pocket. He watched a
little bit of TV and played on the computer. He heard some noises and
he got scared. But it was just his stomach saying "FEED MEE!!". He
went out to buy some food. He went to a store called "Ugly store". He
bought some pizza sub and some burgers. Then as he came up to the
counter he saw a sign that says "answer a really hard math question
and you'll get a one week free grocery". The question was:
(+30)+(-30)+(+5)= . He asked himself what is the answer?

The next day his parents called him to check on him. They told Sean
that still don't know when they can go home. After he talked to his
parents he got hungry and he ate all his leftover from yesterday. After
he ate he fell asleep. After two hours he woke up. He called his friend
Kevin and he said to meet up at their school. They met up and greeted
each other, Kevin brought some shovels so they can go digging on the
sandbox. They were getting deeper and Sean hit a box, They pulled it
out and they tried to open it, but they couldn't. Then they saw an
instructions on the back of the box. It said "To open this box, you must
answer this integer question". Kevin read all the numbers and while he
was reading it out loud to Sean, Sean was recoding the numbers. The
numbers were: (+5)+(-5)+(-5)= . Kevin answered the question by using
the number lines. Then he typed the answers on the box, and it opened.
It had a lot of money in it.

After him and Kevin got the treasure, they split up the money they got.
Then Sean slept with his money so no one can take away from him.
When he woke up the next day , he was throwing all money in the air
and letting it fall down on him. "It feels good" he said. Then Sean was
bored s he built a lemonade stand. His friend Kevin came and wanted
to buy 2 lemonade drinks. A lemonade drink cost one dollar. Sean was
thinking if it cost one dollar then if Kevin wants two drinks it would be
two dollars. Kevin brought 10 dollars and he had to spend 2 dollars.
Anyways, how much is Kevin's change?.

The next day Sean was watching TV and then he fell asleep. He was making these faces and it looked like he was having a dream. When he woke up he called his girlfriend told her about his dream. Sean told her that it was scary and he was attacked by two girls that was wearing positive and negative costumes , but he was only chased by the two girls because they couldn't take off the costumes because they were cursed to wear it forever. The only way to get it off was to solve the problem that was on their back and it had to be solved by a guy. Sean tried to solve it and the problem was (-15)+(+15)= . Sean got the answer and then he yelled it out and the two girls were free and they kissed Sean then they started dating. Now Sean has 3 girlfriends because of his smartness.

Sean and his integer challenges PT. 2

It's been a week and still no sign of Sean's family. Sean was getting worried, he called the house that his family was staying in. Sean's mom answered, she said that it's taking them long because mom's parents are renovating their house so they had to help. Sean didn't worry anymore, then Sean got hungry again. While Sean was walking to the store a man walked up to him, the man was crying because he was abused by 4 big men. The four big men put handcuffs on him. To get it out was to solve the problem. The problem was (-20)-(-20)= . Sean got confused because it had a subtracting sign, Sean kept thinking and thinking and finally got. He remembered the stuff Mr. Coconut taught him about subtracting integers. Sean answered it and the man was free, the man gave him a coin that can grant one wish.

The next day Sean was bored, his parents are still not home. Sean was watching TV when the phone rang. He answered it and someone was talking to him in a creepy voice, Sean got scared. But it turned out to be his best friend Kevin, Sean got mad at him. Then there was another phone call, this time its in a out of breath voice and there was yelling and screaming and they were asking for help. A man answered it, the man said that he kidnapped Sean's family. They want a 2 million for ransom money, said no to them. Then the man threatened him, if he doesn't give the money then he would kill his family. Sean gives up and said the he would give it to them.Then Sean remembered that he had a coin that grants one wish. Sean wished that his family is back and not harmed.The coin went up in the said and popped out an integer questions: (-20)-(-20)+(+30)= . Sean was thinking that it's the same question but with an adding sign with it.Sean figured it out easily and got the wish.