Scribe Post for November 25, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Today in class we talked more about dividing integers. We finished our barn doors and Mr. Harbeck reviewed what we needed to have on our barn doors, to get a full marks. We needed to have at least two examples for each door and we needed to have the rule's. We also talked about yesterday's homework. Yesterday's homework was page 7 numbers 10 - 17 , we checked numbers 13 , 16 and 17 .

Today's homework is page 7 numbers 19 and 23 , and page 8 numbers 1 to 18 .

page 7 ,

page 8 ,

This is some of the homework , and if i did anything wrong feel free to leave a comment . And tommorow we will also have a quiz on what we've been doing so far. I guess this is the time for me to pick the next scribe , the next scribe is

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Monday, November 24, 2008
Today in class we answered the home work from last week and we also worked on our barn doors quadrant four.

Then we
had to decide if either it was a partitive division, Quotitive division or neither. Mr.Harbeck told us that if you picked Quotitive you would go to the left side of the room , If you picked partitive you would have to go to the rigth side of the room, then for the people that picked neither was at the back and for the people that didn't know went to the front of the room . Well most of the people were at the back of the room because it was neither . And in the end of the discussion all of us where convinced to go to the back of the room because you cant share a negative numbers and you cant share a negative group. And all you can do is the multiplicative inverse.

The home work for today was page 7 , from 10-17 . The next scribe is GIAN !!

Scribe Post for November 21

Saturday, November 22, 2008
Hey 8-16, I'm scribing again. And I'm going to talk about what Mr. H taught us last Friday. First he was asking where would -12 / 4 goes in the "barn doors" (barn doors are the one we have been working on for the past month. but this time we are using the white barn doors). -12/ 4 fits in the 2ND quadrant (negative and positive). Then, he asked us how to write -12/4 in a different way. You could write it by what he calls "gasinta" (means goes in to).
And another way of writing it is by a "fraction" (a number usually expressed in the form a/b).

For the past week, we were also talking about "Quotitive" (its when you make a number into equal s,and how many groups there are) for example: 6/2

And "Partitive" (its when you share the number into equal groups, and how many are inside each group) for example: 6/2

Then after that, he asked us what kind of questions can we write using "Quotitive and Partitive"
Partitive; make -12 into equal groups, how many are in each group?

Quotitive; how many groups of 4 are in 12?
Can you do Quotitive in this type of numbers? answer is no. because you cant divide a positive if there are no positives. But someone asked, why cant you use zero pairs? Because you cant put zero pairs if you have something in there, and in -12 you have something.

After that, he gave us another number to answer: -6 / -2 and asked us if we could use both "Quotitive and Partitive" but in this type of question you can only use "Quotitive". because in "Partitive" you cant share a negative with anything. Then, we have to put the integer numbers in a "multiplication inverse" -6 / - 2 = 3 : 3 x -2 = -6

Homework: on the green booklet "booger book", we have to do page 7, 1-9 but only answer the 6 question that fits for the 3 quadrants we already went through. And then draw only 3 of any questions. (the 6 questions that i thought fits are 1,3,4,5,7,8) I'm only going to show the 3 with drawings. (its 3,4,5). And we have to put if you could use Quotitive, Partitive or Both.

3. -6/ 2: "Partitive" share -6 into 2 groups, how many are in each group?

4. -5/ -1: "Quotitive" How many groups or -1 are in -5?

5. -14/ 2: "Partitive" Share -14 into 2 equal groups, how many are in each group?

If I have any mistakes, please correct me. Just give me comments I will edit it.
So, I wont stall too long, i know all of you want to know who the next scribe will be.. And the next scribe is .. (after 5 more paragraphs) ABBYJESS <3> Jessalyne (: good luck!

Eunice's Scribe Post

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello everone! I'm today's Scribe again. Today I'll be talking about what we did in class and homework. It's so nice to be the Scribe again.

First off, we worked on our "barn doors", we did quadrant 2. We learnt how to express a division integer question. There are a lot of ways to do that.

Fraction way:

Division way:

Quotative: How many twos are in negative six
Partitive: Two groups of negative three.

For homework we're supposed to do quadrant three. In quadrant three and quadrant four. In quadrant three and four we were supposed to the same thing as I have shown you in the picture. We're supposed to express it in the division way and the fraction way; then we were supposed to write it in words which is quotative and partitive.

That's all we did for today. Do the homework. Please also don't forget to put a comment after reading this. Tomorrow is iPod day and Mp3 day don't forget to bring a dollar! >;P next scribe is.. (drum roll) Chinn! I mean Christian ;). Good luck Chin! Well I'm almost done. One more reminder if you need help in math, math room's always open during lunch if you need any help. Well I sure had a lot of FUN doing the Scribe can't wait 'till the next. BYE! I left a video and a link to help you.

Charissa's Scribe Post for Nov 17&19

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Hey guys! Sorry about the late scribe post. I will fill you guys in on what we did Nov 17 and 19.

On Nov 17th we had a substitute. We got to hear from Mr.H on how to group integer questions. There are two different ways.

Here is the first method:
In this method you group just the integers. Remember only one integer can come out of each group. And also you have to bring down the - or + sign.

Here is the second method:

In this method you group the integers with the - or +. Like I said before only one integer can come out of each group. This method is alot easier and looks better than having brackets.

On Nov 19th we moved onto dividing integers. We only got up to completing the ++ quadrant and starting the - + quadrant in our blue and white booklet.

There are three different ways you can write the division question.
Here they are:
There are two different ways to explain these. Quotative and Partitive.
How many groups of two?


How many are in each group?
The next scriber is:

Scribe Post for November 14

Monday, November 17, 2008
Greetings friends and fellow classmates. If for some reason you didn't show up for school on Friday, day dreaming or was sleeping in class, this is a post just for you. I know it's like a few hours from school but just read it, learn and leave a comment, its good for you!

On Friday we did several things. The first thing we did was correct our homework from the day before. The next thing we did was add to Pratt's Integer Law to help us with our home work. So far this is what Pratt's Integer Law is:

When multiplying an even amount of negative integers, the product will always be a positive. On the other, when multiplying with an odd amount of negative numbers, the product will always be a negative. Also, when multiplying a zero, the answer is neither a positive or negative but just a zero.

After discussing this, we learned about what this really means:

This multiplication question really means this:

By looking at the question this way, you see that the "-" means -1 and that it's really just (-1) x 2 x 3. Easily, you can figure out 2 x 3 = 6, then 6 x (-1) = -6.

Mr. Harbeck then gave us homework, which was 19 to 36 (basically finish the section). I'm now going to show you how I answered 3 of the questions for homework.

Question #18
(-8) (-1) (-2) (-1) =

Question #29
-2 (3) (-2) (-7) =
Question #36
-12 (8) (-5) (0) (-7) =

Before we left he gave us 3 questions that we should try and figure o
ut how to answer. To help me with this, I used B.E.D.M.A.S. (Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction). This is the ORDER OF OPERATION!

This is how I think they are answered.
Question #1
2 (-3) + 2 (-3)

Question #2
2 (3) + 3 (-3) =

Question #3
2 (3) - 3 (-3) =

Well, this is all that we did last Friday. It's a bit long, so sorry but i hoped it helped. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment especially if you found any mistakes.


So for the next scribe, let's ask the lawmaker, Pratt, to tell us what is going on. Alright? Good!

Scribe Post for November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Today in class, the first thing we did was review the homework questions we had from yesterday. Then we looked at the Make a rule homework, and we were trying to figure out the pattern of it. We then found the rule.

This is what the paper looked like:The rule is called the Pratt's Integer Law (:
- When you multply an EVEN amount of negative integers the product is always positive.
- When you multiply an ODD amount of negative integers the product is always negative.
After, Mr. Harbeck let us have time to do our homework. He told us to do questions 13-18. These are a few examples on what your supposed to do. Your are supposed to solve your questions by grouping them together to make the question with only two integers so it is easier to solve.
Here is an example:

Here is another example.
This is my last example.

That was practically what all we learnt today.
If i did something wrong, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ! thank you .
Time to choose the next scribe ..
For the next scribe, I am going to choose my bestfriend .... NICKO ! (:

scribepost for November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Today in class we talked about MORE MULTIPLYING INTEGERS. We looked over our multiplying integer quadrants. We went over the rules of multiplying. Like (when i multiply a negative integer and a positive integer the product is negative). Then after we looked over our multiplying quadrants , he told us to do 12 questions in page 5 on the green booklet. He also told us that we had to choose 4 questions that has a (-)(+) , (+)(-) , (-)(-) , (+)(-) , numbers in it then draw pictures. After that he asked us what will be the product when u multiply certain integers together.


For the questions on page 5, i chose number 5, 7, 8, and 11.

5) (6)(-2)=-12

7) (-5)(-4)=+20

8) (6)(9)=+54

11) -12(3)= -36

That's all we did in class today, i hope u learned something. I'm sorry if there's any mistakes.



scribepost for november 6, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Hey y'all! Second scribepost -_-"...yoohoo! Well, time to get started. We began our math class with a quiz.....wonder how I did. After that we began talking about multiplying integers using the quadrants Mr. Backe helped teach us yesterday. The quadrants all look like this....

Yesterday (Nov. 5th) we talked about each quadrant having 2 operations such as quadrant 1 with + and +. These are integers. Mr. Backe gave us questions yesterday and we all solved them in quadrant 1 and 2. For example, in quadrant 2, the question was (-2)(+3). We didn't see any signs of operations, but we remembered that last year we found out that if 2 brackets touched then we multiplied, but how do we do this? Well, -2 is just like saying "remove 2" and if we're multiplying we say "remove 2 GROUPS of". Now that just leaves the +3. "Remove 2 groups of +3) Well how can we remove anything if we don't have anything? Mr. Backe helped us with this and told us that we can take as many zeros as we can (zero pairs) and THEN take away whatever you need to take away.

We had homework on this and we were supposed to make up our own questions just like this one and solve it for quadrant 1 and 2. People shared their questions and we all solved them. Then we noticed that when you multiply a positive and a positive, then your product is also positive. We figured this rule would also go with the rest of the quadrants but with different products so we tried it out. We came up with a sentence for each quadrant.

We had a very long discussion about this and somehow it kept going 'till the end of class...which I was very happy work....:)

Time for me to pick a scribe and get back to my Xbox360! ..hmmm.....

...*ahem*....yea, Bobby it's your turn >.> ...........
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