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Sunday, January 25, 2009
On January 23, 2009 , we had a quiz. We corrected our quiz in class.

For the scribes we were suppose to do 4 questions from the quiz.
So, here are the 4 questions.




9.Sorry if i make any mistakes guys and girls. :)

Eunice's Post Scribe

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Eunice's live Post Scribe :)

Today I am doing a live post scribe. Today in math we are correcting our homework from yesterday. Our homework is the purple booklet pages 43 (all of it). Our homework today are pages 44 and 45. I will try to help you understand on how to solve algebra questions. I'm not going to solve all. I'll just solve some of it. I hope I could help you :D


P. 3N+8=20 1. copy out the question
-8 -8 2. add zero pairs
3N/3=12/3 3. next, you have to divide 3 to get rid of the multiplication,
then whatever you do to left side you must do it on the right side.
4. last copy the variable equals the answer

3n+8=20 1. copy out the question
3(4)+8=20 2. substitute the number of the variable
12+8= 20 3. solve
20=20 4. balance

c. -5u+6=41
-6 -6
-5u/5= -35/5
(-1) -u=-7(-1)

1. write down the question
2. add zero pairs. Whatever you do on the left side you must do it on the
other side to balance it out
3. next you have to get rid of the multiplication, then whatever you do on
the left side you must do on the other side
4. when you have a negative variable you have to get rid of the negative
because there is no such thing as a negative variable.
To get rid of a negative multiply a negative (-1).
You multiply it where the variable isand whatever you do on
that side you must do on the other side.

35+6= 41

1. copy out the question
2. when verifying a negative variable you must
add another negative and multiply it to get rid
of the negatives
3. then solve the question
4. last you have to balance out your answer

j. 2d-9=-29
d= -10

1. write the equation down
2. add zero pairs
3. divide them to get rid of the multiplication
4. solve it


j. 2d-9=-29

1. copy out the question
2. substitute the answer to the variable
3. solve
4. balance

PAGE 44 & 45

Page 44:
1. 5n+4=-26
-4 -4

1. write down the question
2. add zero pairs
3. divide the 5 to cancel out the multiplication. Do the opposite.
Whatever you do on one side you must do on the other side.
4. solve it

1. 5n+4=-26

1. copy out the questions
2. substitute the answer to the variable
3. solve
4. balance

PAGE 45:

1. 5+4n=29
-5 -5
4n/4= 24/4

1. copy out the question.
2. add zero pairs
3. divide the 4 to cancel out the multiplication.
Whatever you do on that side you must do on
the other side,too.


1. 5+4n=29


1. copy out the question
2. substitute the answer to the variable
3. solve
4. balance

Well, I hope I helped you. We have a test tomorrow. All the questions will be coming from our purple book. Also, Mr. Harbeck will tell us where we can find tomorrow's quiz question. To support our School, wear you pyJAMMIES, because tomorrow is PJ day. Good Luck in the test tomorrow! :) Remember the techniques that I showed you, well Harbeck's technique. Remember his technique and positvely,absolutely sure than you'll be fine ffor tomorrow's quiz! :D good luck again (:

Scribe post

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The first thing we did in math to day was go over yesterdays homework. Then Mr. H asked us to put some examples of questions that we know the sum is a negative for examples like...

Subtraction Examples


After we
were done that Mr. H reminded us that the constant ALWAYS goes first.

___ x+2=6

____ X+2=6

____ =6-2

___ =4(4)


The step I just did is called transposing.
Home work is to complete page 43 and do the first six on page 44

Scribe Post

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Today we only did two things.

The first thing we did was correct the seven multiplication questions on page 43 of the purple booklet.

Here are the first two.
Number 1.

Remember, what you do to one side, you have to do to the other!
<------------------ Now isolate n (what you do to one side you must do to the other!!)

Now Verify to check.

<------------------ Number 2.

<------------------ Balance

Now verify to check.

<------------------ Now onto the homework.

Here are a few examples.
Number 1.
Draw balance scales and blocks to represent each equation. Solve.
A. 2x + 5 = 9

Now verify to check.

Both sides are the same, therefore, they are balanced.
<------------------ Number 2.
Draw algebra tiles to model each answer. Solve.
A. 3x - 2 = 7

Now verify to check.

The next scribe is Mariah.

Scribe Post Jan 16 2009

Now I know this is very late but I forgot ok? -_- doing it now :) I'll be doing a scribe on my test corrections...
I did pretty well on this test and I'm happy with my score, but if I never made those small mistakes I could have made it better. I'll give you an example of ONE of the four mistakes I made.
I lost half a mark for 1, 2, 3, and 4 because i didn't VERIFY PEOPLE! Don't make the same mistake! xD Unless you already did! :P I'll show you Question 2. This was a very easy question but it wasn't perfect 'cause I didn't verify...

I was missing the same thing (not the same numbers of course) in 1, 3 and 4....moving on....
Question 5 I missed completely 'cause I wasn't listening in class or something....

On Question 9, again, I didn't verify correctly...*sigh*

My last correction on my test was on Question 13...didn't verify correctly again....

Well...I'm finished with my scribe....good luck Jessalyne :)

Scribe Post

Monday, January 19, 2009
January 19

Hey guys well today Mr.H explained to us a project we have to do. This project is for Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. You have to make a two minute video about change. You can choose whatever you would like to see change in. It is due by April. So don't wait until the last minute use the two months you have! Choose a group by the end of this week. The limit of people per group is four. It is a competition so do a good job!

Now back to math. Today we started doing two step equations. Write this equation on the inside of the yellow flap in the bottom left corner:

This part will be written on the bottom left green flap. Now first what you want to do is get rid of the constant. It will look like this:
Next you have to isolate the variable. It will look like this:
That will leave you with:
The last step is to verify.

Now we have to do algebra tiles. You have to write this on the bottom right side in green.
Now get rid of the constant.

Isolate the variable.

This will leave you with:
And don't forget to go to the math zone to fill out that survey thing.
The Next Scribe is: GENNIA

January 14th Scribe post

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today, Mr. H gave us back our test. All we have to do is to correct the mistakes we got. And, then we have to do our purple booklet for the homeworks we didnt do. Pages, 39, 40 and 41. Then he handed out a yellow paper. A homework rubric, then you have to make your parents sign it.

I did my corrections on number 3.

number 7. This is what i did in my test:

I got it wrong because, -9+-24 = -33. And this is when i corrected it:

And number 15. This is what it looks like on the test:
I got it wrong because, 3-3(3) = -6. And this is when i corrected it:

Reminder to ALWAYS verify. and when your isolating, what you do on one side you always have to do on the other side.

I have to do 4 but i only did 3. Because i dont pay attention much. SORRY ! if i still did my corrections wrong please comment.
I got 5 mistakes, but i didnt pay attention when Mr. H made the corrections for some of them. so i didnt use them just because, i still dont know how to do fix the corrections. I know the right answer, but i cant figure out how i got there.

Scribe Post for January 14, 2009

Today in class, Mr.Harbeck handed back our tests and we had to fix our mistakes. Another task we had to do was to finish pages 39, 40, 41 in our purple booklet.

But, I am going to show you four mistakes I made. On question 5, the mistake I did wrong was I divided by three instead of multiplying by 3. But here I have fixed my mistake. I guess if i verified my answer I would've got it right.

Another question I did wrong was question 15. I forgot that when there are more than one variables you add them together, and you put the amount infront of the variable. Again, I should've verified my answer.

Another question that I got wrong was question 10. I forgot to change the signs into positive, because when we are subtracting integers it does not exist. Also, again I should've verified my answer.

For the test on Friday, we all should get higher marks then our mark on Tuesday, because when we get an answer we all have to remember to VERIFY ! I guarantee that we will get most of our questions right if we verify. If I have anything wrong about my post, please comment so that I can make it better ! Thank you (:

Scribe test Post for January 14, 2009

Okay so this scribe is suppost to count for two scribe's i think, well that's what Harbeck said as long as i do 4 questions that i got wrong. So yeah that's what im going to do, correct the questions i got wrong.

Question number 10

n-(-8)=21 the picture will explain how to get the answer.

Question number 9

1/9 n=6 and again picture will explain how to get the answer.

Question Number 5

-n/3=6,on this question i got half of it wrong because i didnt know how to verify it so yea.

So yea this is the last question


So yeah i did a crappy work on the scribe like usual, but i still did it which is better then nothing. So the new scribe is Patrick

Scribe post for January 14 2008

Hi guys it's me again for my second scribe post and I'm going to tell you the mistakes that I made on the last test and explaining....
The first one is n-(-8)=21 and this is how I did it:
sorry if the picture is not that good but I got this wrong because I forgot to change the negative sign into Positive sign so I got the whole Equation wrong>

For the second one what I got wrong is -9+6=n+2n (sorry if I got this one wrong please free to leave a comment behind if it's wrong:)
I got this one wrong because I forgot that you need to do combining like terms

For the last one is n-3n=18
I don't really know how to explain how I got this wrong it's hard but this is the correct one.

In class we have to correct everything that we got wrong for the test then he explain how to do chapter 3 of The Great Big Book of Algebra you just have to explain everything from one step in the colour coding booklet without using pictures. And for tomorrow you have to bring A camera that can do movies or something to start chapter 4 and you're suppose to be in Groups by 3.For the nest scribe I choose Jonathan (if haven't picked yet)

Scribe Post for January 12

Monday, January 12, 2009
okay today in class Mr.Harbeck gave us some questions to help us with the test *hint**hint*
these are the pre test help questions:
n-6= 14
n+9= -4
-9+n= 17
25= -12+n
n- (-6)= 15
-n/ 3= 6
-30n = 180
1/4n= 12
-n/ 3=12

Now I am pretty sure that most of these questions will be on the test...Harbeck made that very clear in class.

The first question that I will be doing is 12n=48
first you isolate the n. Since it is multiplication you have to divide.

What ever you do to one side you have to do to the other.

n=4 find to the nth value
12(4)=48 rewrite the question with the nth value
48=48 compare
Now I will be doing is 1/4n=12
first of all 1/4 n is the same as n/4 and 1 n/4, but you would never write the 1because you can't do that on the test. So,
now you have to isolate the n so since we are dividing we have to multiply
n=48 find to the nth value
n/4 =12
48/4=12 rewrite the question with the nth value
12=12 compare to answer
I will now be doing -30n=180
okay since we are multiplying we have to divide to isolate the n
n= -6
find the nth value
rewrite the question with the nth value
180=180 compare with the answer

well i hope it helped in sorry that I don't have the algebra tiles my paint stopped working hope it helped :) oh and I am sorry that my writing gets bigger I am not sure why that happened and I can't fix it :( sorry

Pay It Forward

I didn't know what to do for pay it forward so... I over heard some boys saying "I wish we had boogie boards for the big waves out here" Then i said do you guys want two boogie boards then they said ok how much i said nothing just pay it forward then they said what do you mean. I said i mean pay it forward by doing a good deed for free then tell them to pay it forward. They said ok we will. Then they left to go hit the waves. Later i saw them laughing and having fun with them and when i was leaving i saw them giving the boards to some other kids and then i heard them say pay it forward then explain what they meant by it. I didn't think they would do it but they did. That is my pay it forward project.

Scribepost for January 12

Scribepost for today.
Harbeck gav
e us questions that will probably be on the test because he clearly said "I'm lazy".
these are all the questions : n-6= 14
n+9= -4
-9+n= 17

25= -12+n
n- (-6)= 15

-n/ 5= 6
-30n = 180

1/4n= 12
- 1/5n= 10 [ NOTE: the negative sign is in the middle so you can choose which one you'd rather put it on ]

12n= 48
I'm guessing that most of those questions will be on the test. I want to choose 1 that i will solve with algebra tiles and the other way? ( i don't remember what it's called ) .

i chose , n+9= -4
easy right? First you need to isolate
the "n". To isolate it you need to cancel out the +9 to do that you need a zero pair. This picture below explains most of it. In the picture i forgot to write VERIFY, but the (-4 = -4 ) pretty much explains it.

I also want to do this one in algebra tiles .

I'm sorry it's blurry but it was way bigger when i made it. This picture actually took a long time to make so i don't really want to make anymore. I'm sorry but i will solve 3 more other questions.
25= -12+n for this one you can turn it around so it's easier to solve.
so it can be 12+n= 25
the next thing you need to do is ISOLATE , all the steps together are " ICOBV " which means , isolate; cancel - opposites ; balance and verify.

-12 + 12 +n = 25 - 12
n = 13
12+13= 25
The next question i will do is : - 30n = 180
you need to divide since this dividing is the opposite of multiplying
n = 180 / -30
n = -6
this might look confusing but it's not . N = 180 divided by -30 .
i don't know if mr. Harbeck did it like this but the answer still seems to be right.
rewrite it : -30n = 180
-30(-6) = 180
180 = 180

next question : 12n = 48 "/ " means divide by [opposite of multiply is divide]
12n / -12 = 48 / -12
isolates n = 48 / 12
n = 4
rewrite it ! 12n= 48
12(4) = 48
48 = 48

I'm sorry , if it wasn't understandable or if any of them are wrong .

Pay it Forward

Friday, January 9, 2009
Pay It Forward

I didn't really know what to do for pay it foward so yeah, it took me this long to post. For My Pay It Forward I decided to shovel my neighbours driveway or whatever you call it yesterday right after school, i saw my neighbour shoveling right before we went into the garage. I thought to my self hmm.. this is a good idea i 'll help him for shovel my pay it forward. I didn't bother going into the house yet, i went over to me neighbours and asked him if he needed help. Gladly he said yes, there was a like a big hill of snow, well actually it wasn't that big, the hill of snow was maybe like 3 ft. tall, because the snow plowers so yeah. It was pretty cold outside as usual, i went inside to get some gloves, my mom asked me what was i doing, and i said shoveling some snow? and she said okay. So he gave me some hot cocoa after shoveling his driveway, and i think a snickers bar also or coffee crisp, i dont know i forgot. I didn;t really look at what the label said i just stuffed it in my mouth. Right after, I asked him to pay it forward, and luckily he knew what pay it forward meant. He asked me " Isn't that like from a movie?". I said " yeah it is", he said "oh, because i remember when my daughter took me out to see the movie". I said " wow you do? its been like, maybe, i dont know , like 9 years had already passed since when it first came out". So yeah i asked him " can you pay it forward?" and he said "yes", then he asked me " im suppost to like help 3 people right? i answered "yeah i guess" and then i said goodbye and went inside my house.

(Apparently, i have no pictures to post but yeah i still did pay it forward)

(My Pay It Forward was pretty short so yeah)
Thursday, January 8, 2009
Adding And Subtracting One Step Equations
View SlideShare document or Upload your own. (tags: algebra spmath)

okay im not good at explaining..anything but i guess i have to try so hear you go.
Well today we learned about adding and subtracting equasions.. i hope im not mistaken. we talked about constants and variables and how to isolate the variable.he also taught us how to transcript our equasions into pictures which you can see in the slide show. i would draw it but i dont have paint for some reason.

we learned that this is the constant -2-5-n=n+7 (in red)
and this is the variable -2-5-n=n+7 (in purple)
im going to do a step by step of the first question on the slide show.


well first you should isolate the variable by canceling -13 out by a zero pair.
but whatever you do to the back you do to the front.
so it would be y-13+13 = -5 +13
the answer is Y=8
then you ill write it all out for you. so what we have so far is

y [ -13+13]= -5+13
Now we varify
Y -13= -5
8 - 13 = -5
-5 = -5

He said varifying is very importaint on the exam.
and there we go..... the next scribe is...umm mariah

Scribe Post for January 7

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Hey, it's me again. I am here to show you how to do the questions Mr.Harbeck gave us. He said to prove or disprove that these are equal. Here's the first one:

-5 -2 +n = n -7

To do this, you have to simplify and combine the like terms on one side. just combine the -5 and -2. The equation should look like this:

-7 + n = n - 7

Now he said to do this two different ways. The second way to do this is by using the algebra tiles... you can do that right?

Okay, now for the other two questions: 2n=10 and n/2=10.

Here's how I did them.

First 2n=10. to do this you just have to figure out what n is.

Just divide 10 by what ever the number of variables is. REMEMBER: CANCEL USING THE OPPOSITE.



Then you multiply the result by 2 and see if it equals 10.



Now for the other question.



This time multiply the answer by the constant.



Then verify.



Hope this helps! The next scribe is Jaymie.

Pay it Forward

What I did for Pay It Forward was something simple. I mean, every bit helps right? So I thought about volunteering. I called up the Winnipeg Humane Society and asked about the volunteer requirements. They said I had to be 16, so that plan was out. Then I thought about trying the Siloam mission, helping people on the street and whatnot. They said I had to take an orientation, the next of which would be on January 8th.

Then it came to me: I have a whole load of clothes that don't fit me, and the Salvation army thrift store is lose by, as I said simple. My sister and I looked through closets, drawers and coat hangers to look for things to donate: pants, sweats, shirts I don't wear anymore. In the end we came up with two big bags full of miscellaneous clothing.

The store seemed not all that surprised when we showed up there. They just told us to put the clothes in the bin. The endeavour was simple but a nice gesture. I felt normal as in not that warm fuzzy feeling you get for doing something nice. I never really do. I just hope these clothes go to someone who'll use them and use them often.

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward
During the break, I had a lot of ideas of what I was going to do originally but I they ended up with me not completing them or it not working out. About last week I eventually I decided that I would take care of my granny for the week while she was in town. What I kind of things I did for my granny where I let her stay in my room for week instead letting her stay in a less comfortable room, I helped her get around without hurting herself, comfort her while she visited her sick friend in the hospital and run small Arians for her.

(To tell the truth I did do an act of kindness but what I didn’t know was that we had an assignment of it, so I didn’t record any of this on a camera some of you won’t believe I did any of this.)

My granny was very pleased that I decided to take care of her while she was in town, I felt pretty great that I helped out my granny cause both it felt great about it and I got to spend time with her before she left. I tried to ask my granny if she would Pay it Forward, but she didn’t understand so I tried to explain it to her but still didn’t understand since English wasn’t her first language.

Can I once person change the world? I say Of Course! because in the beginning it would take a while and a lot of commitment, that one person would do a couple of acts of goodness before others would take notice. Eventually people will decide to start do their acts of goodness and more people will do the same, eventually this will create a chain that will keeps growing and glowing. I guess one person could change the minds of people to be more generous and just not during the holiday season, just imagine what would life would be like if we could achieve this goal.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


During the winter break, there was three act of kindness I did. First, My whole family was at my house for Christmas, a lot of my baby cousins came. The adults were upstairs and the kids we're in the basement. I asked my uncle who was watching the kids, and he said no one . So, I volunteered to watch the kids while they were having fun. Before my uncle went home , he offered me money and I refused for him to give it to me. I just told him to pay it forward. Luckily he knew what it was, then he said he will.
Second, I checked my cabinet and it was full of clothes and I asked my mom if i could donate it to the Salvation Army, she said I could. Before I packed all the clothes i was gonna donate, I asked my little brother if he wants some of my old clothes and he did. I put half of the clothes from my cabinet in a bag and I gave the half to my little brother. Thirdly, of course I shovelled my own front yard and my cousins front yard. I just told my cousin to pay it forward.

Doing all these act of kindness really feels good. So, to all those people who didn't do it you should really do it. It really feels good. My parents were proud of me so your parents would probably be proud of you.

I didn't get all of this act of kindness in camera or video but trust me I did all these stuff.

Can one person make difference? YEAH. If one person tries to make a difference to another person and really works hard on it. Then that other person will be eager to to make a difference to another person and next thing you know all the people are paying it forward. So, PAY IT FORWARD.
Pay It Forward

An act of kindness just because...

During the break, I had plenty of chances to show an act of kindness. However there are only few big things I could have done. I had plenty of ideas but most of them took a lot of patience, time, energy and motivation. Most of those I didn't have. Another thing is that I mostly forgot about the assignment. On Sunday, January 4, I was at Future Shop with a friend and I was telling him how I forgot about this assignment. After listening he gave a huge idea. He told me that I could stand by the cashier line and help people pay for their things. I think he meant is as just a joke, but I thought about it. Sure, I had money to help people but that wasn't what I was thinking. I was thinking that if I told the people what I was doing and I ask them to pay it forward, I might just be able to say that I did my homework. So as a last attempt to PAY IT FORWARD, I stood in line and talked to people.

(Sadly, I didn't get this act in camera or video so it might seem unbelievable but you'll just have to trust me.)

Two guys offering to help pay for your things might seem kind of.... I don't know... out of the ordinary. Yet that's what I was doing. We were there for at least a good half an hour. I have to tell you, it was REALLY REALLY AWKWARD!! I talked to a few people that was in line and I got some pretty cool responses. Most them were real nice and some just sort of didn't respond. As I explained to them what I was doing, some people told me that they knew what Pay It Forward was, which was cool because it sort of made it somewhat less awkward. I asked most of them to Pay It Forward and it seems like they were interested in doing so. However, I didn't really ask those dudes that showed no reaction to Pay It Forward because it was weird and I just wanted to stop talking to them. Fortunately, people were nice that day. Everybody I had talked didn't really want to take my money so it was fine.

Can one person make difference? Heck Yeah! I believe that it only takes one person to make a difference. It may be a slow start but you never now where it can lead. It's just like a paper boat that you make and sail off in the lake or ocean. More like a message in the bottle. It can travel far. So think, if one person can make a difference, how much more of a difference can our whole class together make?

ScribePost For January 5th.

On Monday, we made a new booklet for our algebra unit. We learned one step equations that were Additive and Subtractive type. One way to solve these equations is to "balance" it. What ever you do to one side, you have to do to the other side. Example : n+7 = 10

N+7= 10

But how can we balance it?

You have to..

Isolate the variable
Cancel using the opposite

Subtractive Type
The rules are pretty much the exact same thing and the only thing different is that your subtracting. Example : y-13=-5

Pay It Forward!

At the beginning of the winter break we were given a task to pay it forward or achieve one act of kindness. This could be done at any date during the winter break. My act of kindness was on new years eve and I "gave" that act of kindness to my parents when I volunteered to paint our bathroom (white :) just for details O.o) If you want further proof of my brother and I painting the bathroom... ask my parents?? :D Here are some pics of the bathroom! The first 2 pics are just to show the color of the walls before we painted it. Also, before we painted the walls, my dad changed the walls around the tub. I didn't have a plain wall picture, but you can see the green wall on the left side of the picture.

Now for pics with the new wall...

While I was doing this act of kindness, I was not really thinking about taking pictures of the walls or anything like that, it just felt good that I was helping someone and paying it forward, even though it was my parents who I passed it forward to. A few days before I painted the walls of the bathroom with my brother, I also talked to my mom and dad about Pay It Forward, the movie and our task. They both told me that they will pay it forward if I actually did something nice.

Can ONE person make a difference??!?! They sure can! I totally believe in this statement because if one person actually tries to make a difference in someones life, then the person that they helped will most likely want to make a difference in someone else's life and so on....PAY IT FORWARD! :)