Pay it Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Pay it forward

So, this is what I did for the Pay it Forward thing. At first Charissa, Katlyn and I were going to go to Winnipeg Harvest and do stuff, but no one called back. We also thought about baking things like cookies and stuff like that and giving them to the soldiers who didn't get to spend Christmas with their families, but unfortunatly no one at the Armouries picked up the phone. So today we thought of other things we could possibly do on our own. So I sat at home thinking of what to do, so I decided to make supper for my family. I wasn't thinking and didn't take pictures or anything while I was making it, but I took a picture of the food after and interviewed my dad. It's kind of a silly video. The video was my idea, but he made up his lines. I was going to make a serious video about like if they liked it and stuff as well, but the cam corder card was full, so I didn't bother after that.

I made chicken, spaghetti squash and really yummy noodles!

Okay... tragic thing. I can't figure out how to upload videos from my cam corder onto my computer. I got my mom and my brother to help me but no one could figure it out. Once I figure out how to upload the video onto my computer I'll edit my post and add it in!


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