Pay It Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
For this project there was allot of things i wanted to do for example i wanted to volunteer at a children's hospital , bake and give it to the homeless , donate toys to charities , help at a soup kitchen and etc . But though i didn't get to do them. But instead i did three things that i know i can do in just a day or two , For my act of kindness what i did was babysat for free , shoveled someones driveway and gave out cards to share Christmas spirit and the joy of the new year. I did my act of kindness with my friends Christian and Jessalynne , we all participated by drawing the cards , coloring them , taking turns taking care of the babies , and we both shoveled the driveway together. We both had fun knowing that we were helping someone or if not at least putting a smile on there faces . I just hope that the people we helped would do us a favor and pay it forward .


Adrienne , Julienne, Nicole
The cards we made said something like " we might be strangers but would like to say happy new year and merry Christmas ... " and then it mentioned something about pay it forward , how all they need to do is to show a general act of kindness to three people and those three will have to pay it forward to three people . We babysat about four kids which where Christian's sisters ; Eula , Nicole , Julienne , Adriennne and my brother Gabby . It was great taking care of them , they are fun and energetic kids to be around with . They make you laugh allot , they would sing and dance to you and they even helped with making some of the cards . It was a pleasure being there and we would love to babysit them again. We also shoveled there yard , and even though it was cold and freezing outside it was fun how we were helping people and it was worth it (:


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