Pay it forward

Monday, January 5, 2009
Pay it forward

the movie pay it forward made me want to do more then what I did but I think that this was a reasonable thing to do. I shoveled the whole front and maid some paths around a building called living bible explorers. Randel the custodian of the place also happens to go to kings fellowship, my church. I had a talk with him and he told me that he would appreciate if I were to help him out at L.B.E. Unfortunately I didn't actually do the shoveling until the fourth.

After doing this I immediately felt great. It makes me happy to know that this act will not just benefit Randel but everyone who goes there. I did ask Randel to pay it forward but he already works at L.B.E with out pay. Personally I think that what he dose there is paying it forward.

Can one person make a difference? One person can defiantly make a difference. One act of kindness could multiply into something wonderful, All we have to do is pay it forward


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