Pay it Forward

Friday, January 9, 2009
Pay It Forward

I didn't really know what to do for pay it foward so yeah, it took me this long to post. For My Pay It Forward I decided to shovel my neighbours driveway or whatever you call it yesterday right after school, i saw my neighbour shoveling right before we went into the garage. I thought to my self hmm.. this is a good idea i 'll help him for shovel my pay it forward. I didn't bother going into the house yet, i went over to me neighbours and asked him if he needed help. Gladly he said yes, there was a like a big hill of snow, well actually it wasn't that big, the hill of snow was maybe like 3 ft. tall, because the snow plowers so yeah. It was pretty cold outside as usual, i went inside to get some gloves, my mom asked me what was i doing, and i said shoveling some snow? and she said okay. So he gave me some hot cocoa after shoveling his driveway, and i think a snickers bar also or coffee crisp, i dont know i forgot. I didn;t really look at what the label said i just stuffed it in my mouth. Right after, I asked him to pay it forward, and luckily he knew what pay it forward meant. He asked me " Isn't that like from a movie?". I said " yeah it is", he said "oh, because i remember when my daughter took me out to see the movie". I said " wow you do? its been like, maybe, i dont know , like 9 years had already passed since when it first came out". So yeah i asked him " can you pay it forward?" and he said "yes", then he asked me " im suppost to like help 3 people right? i answered "yeah i guess" and then i said goodbye and went inside my house.

(Apparently, i have no pictures to post but yeah i still did pay it forward)

(My Pay It Forward was pretty short so yeah)


  1. JP8-16 said...

    wow i thought it would be shorter, when i posted it guess i was wrong

    January 9, 2009 at 7:25 AM  

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