Scribe Post for January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Today in class, Mr.Harbeck handed back our tests and we had to fix our mistakes. Another task we had to do was to finish pages 39, 40, 41 in our purple booklet.

But, I am going to show you four mistakes I made. On question 5, the mistake I did wrong was I divided by three instead of multiplying by 3. But here I have fixed my mistake. I guess if i verified my answer I would've got it right.

Another question I did wrong was question 15. I forgot that when there are more than one variables you add them together, and you put the amount infront of the variable. Again, I should've verified my answer.

Another question that I got wrong was question 10. I forgot to change the signs into positive, because when we are subtracting integers it does not exist. Also, again I should've verified my answer.

For the test on Friday, we all should get higher marks then our mark on Tuesday, because when we get an answer we all have to remember to VERIFY ! I guarantee that we will get most of our questions right if we verify. If I have anything wrong about my post, please comment so that I can make it better ! Thank you (:


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