Scribe Post for January 12

Monday, January 12, 2009
okay today in class Mr.Harbeck gave us some questions to help us with the test *hint**hint*
these are the pre test help questions:
n-6= 14
n+9= -4
-9+n= 17
25= -12+n
n- (-6)= 15
-n/ 3= 6
-30n = 180
1/4n= 12
-n/ 3=12

Now I am pretty sure that most of these questions will be on the test...Harbeck made that very clear in class.

The first question that I will be doing is 12n=48
first you isolate the n. Since it is multiplication you have to divide.

What ever you do to one side you have to do to the other.

n=4 find to the nth value
12(4)=48 rewrite the question with the nth value
48=48 compare
Now I will be doing is 1/4n=12
first of all 1/4 n is the same as n/4 and 1 n/4, but you would never write the 1because you can't do that on the test. So,
now you have to isolate the n so since we are dividing we have to multiply
n=48 find to the nth value
n/4 =12
48/4=12 rewrite the question with the nth value
12=12 compare to answer
I will now be doing -30n=180
okay since we are multiplying we have to divide to isolate the n
n= -6
find the nth value
rewrite the question with the nth value
180=180 compare with the answer

well i hope it helped in sorry that I don't have the algebra tiles my paint stopped working hope it helped :) oh and I am sorry that my writing gets bigger I am not sure why that happened and I can't fix it :( sorry


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