Pay it Forward

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Pay it Forward
During the break, I had a lot of ideas of what I was going to do originally but I they ended up with me not completing them or it not working out. About last week I eventually I decided that I would take care of my granny for the week while she was in town. What I kind of things I did for my granny where I let her stay in my room for week instead letting her stay in a less comfortable room, I helped her get around without hurting herself, comfort her while she visited her sick friend in the hospital and run small Arians for her.

(To tell the truth I did do an act of kindness but what I didn’t know was that we had an assignment of it, so I didn’t record any of this on a camera some of you won’t believe I did any of this.)

My granny was very pleased that I decided to take care of her while she was in town, I felt pretty great that I helped out my granny cause both it felt great about it and I got to spend time with her before she left. I tried to ask my granny if she would Pay it Forward, but she didn’t understand so I tried to explain it to her but still didn’t understand since English wasn’t her first language.

Can I once person change the world? I say Of Course! because in the beginning it would take a while and a lot of commitment, that one person would do a couple of acts of goodness before others would take notice. Eventually people will decide to start do their acts of goodness and more people will do the same, eventually this will create a chain that will keeps growing and glowing. I guess one person could change the minds of people to be more generous and just not during the holiday season, just imagine what would life would be like if we could achieve this goal.


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