Tuesday, January 6, 2009


During the winter break, there was three act of kindness I did. First, My whole family was at my house for Christmas, a lot of my baby cousins came. The adults were upstairs and the kids we're in the basement. I asked my uncle who was watching the kids, and he said no one . So, I volunteered to watch the kids while they were having fun. Before my uncle went home , he offered me money and I refused for him to give it to me. I just told him to pay it forward. Luckily he knew what it was, then he said he will.
Second, I checked my cabinet and it was full of clothes and I asked my mom if i could donate it to the Salvation Army, she said I could. Before I packed all the clothes i was gonna donate, I asked my little brother if he wants some of my old clothes and he did. I put half of the clothes from my cabinet in a bag and I gave the half to my little brother. Thirdly, of course I shovelled my own front yard and my cousins front yard. I just told my cousin to pay it forward.

Doing all these act of kindness really feels good. So, to all those people who didn't do it you should really do it. It really feels good. My parents were proud of me so your parents would probably be proud of you.

I didn't get all of this act of kindness in camera or video but trust me I did all these stuff.

Can one person make difference? YEAH. If one person tries to make a difference to another person and really works hard on it. Then that other person will be eager to to make a difference to another person and next thing you know all the people are paying it forward. So, PAY IT FORWARD.


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