Thursday, January 8, 2009
Adding And Subtracting One Step Equations
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okay im not good at explaining..anything but i guess i have to try so hear you go.
Well today we learned about adding and subtracting equasions.. i hope im not mistaken. we talked about constants and variables and how to isolate the variable.he also taught us how to transcript our equasions into pictures which you can see in the slide show. i would draw it but i dont have paint for some reason.

we learned that this is the constant -2-5-n=n+7 (in red)
and this is the variable -2-5-n=n+7 (in purple)
im going to do a step by step of the first question on the slide show.


well first you should isolate the variable by canceling -13 out by a zero pair.
but whatever you do to the back you do to the front.
so it would be y-13+13 = -5 +13
the answer is Y=8
then you ill write it all out for you. so what we have so far is

y [ -13+13]= -5+13
Now we varify
Y -13= -5
8 - 13 = -5
-5 = -5

He said varifying is very importaint on the exam.
and there we go..... the next scribe is...umm mariah


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