Pay It Forward

Saturday, January 3, 2009
Some of my ideas for my act of kindness was to baby-sit for free, volunteer at a Christmas Cheerboard, donate things to a charity, and to shovel someone's driveway.

For my Pay It Forward project, I made cards with my friends. We made cards about paying it forward, trying to spread the message to others.

We all participated by drawing, coloring, and writing in the cards. In the cards we wrote about what Pay It Forward is, why we're doing this, and how the receiver of the card can help. On the front of each card it showed a picture that has something to do with kindness, or it said "Pay It Forward", and we wrote a few words on the front saying to read the card before they think of throwing it out. We drew a diagram of a Pay It Forward pyramid, showing how it would spread to others. We also attached a lollipop to the cards to show our appreciation. After we finished our cards, we went outside and went to houses around the street and put the cards in their mailboxes. I felt good inside when I put cards in mailboxes because I'm confident that a few of the card receivers will Pay It Forward.


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