Pay it Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Pay it Forward

Before winter break all the grade 8 classes watched a movie. It was about a kid who made a difference to many different people. So, we were off to enjoy our two weeks without school, our project was to do something kind for someone without getting payed or anything. There was many different things we could do to help others.

For my pay it forward project I volunteered to help babysit my niece. During the break my whole family was busy shopping, preparing a get together, parties, and etc. I helped babysit more than once, so here are some pictures.

After the day went by, my cousin was finished helping my aunts and uncles. She offered me pay, but I told her that I didn't need the money. I also told her and her husband to pay it forward. They asked me "Pay it Forward? What could we do?" Well I told them to help out others that they wouldn't usually do, and if someone offers you money or gifts or anything to pay you back you don't take it. All we need to do is help each other, and one can make a big difference in ones life. So, I suggest people out there to Pay it Forward! Help make a difference!


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