Pay it Forward

Monday, January 5, 2009
Hi my name is Francis Mariano and for my Pay it Forward project I'm going to help my uncle by shovelling his back yard because he help us so many times and I want to at least help him a little bit. I'm doing this project on the day after the new year so there's no other things that I need to do just that.

Well what happened is I alarmed my cell about 7:00 in the morning and woke up so I can shovel without no one knowing. I forgot that I don't have a thick jacket so I had to borrow my uncle's house without permission. I started on the garage door it was snowing before i shovel so i had a lot of things to shovel. I felt really cold because I was out there for 30 minutes it there was a light snow so i had to keep shoveling until it stops. And I also felt that I'm helping someone and it feels good. My uncle reacted surprise because he doesn't have to do the shoveling anymore. I forgot to ask the person to pay it forward because it's so cold that I have to get inside and I forgot all about it when I'm inside. Yes, I believe that any person can make a big difference to all the people. ( My cousin took the picture because he woke up 30 minute after i woke up so I ask him if he could take the picture)


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