Pay it Forward

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
What I did for Pay It Forward was something simple. I mean, every bit helps right? So I thought about volunteering. I called up the Winnipeg Humane Society and asked about the volunteer requirements. They said I had to be 16, so that plan was out. Then I thought about trying the Siloam mission, helping people on the street and whatnot. They said I had to take an orientation, the next of which would be on January 8th.

Then it came to me: I have a whole load of clothes that don't fit me, and the Salvation army thrift store is lose by, as I said simple. My sister and I looked through closets, drawers and coat hangers to look for things to donate: pants, sweats, shirts I don't wear anymore. In the end we came up with two big bags full of miscellaneous clothing.

The store seemed not all that surprised when we showed up there. They just told us to put the clothes in the bin. The endeavour was simple but a nice gesture. I felt normal as in not that warm fuzzy feeling you get for doing something nice. I never really do. I just hope these clothes go to someone who'll use them and use them often.


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