Trent's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
It was a bright sunny morning and i was still sleeping and dreaming i my bed at home. I was at school in math class and there were flying purple elephants all over. Mr.Harbec let us ride them. one of the elephants was acting very funny so i asked to have a different one. the one i asked for had some writing on his back. It was an integer question............ (-6)+(+30)+(-15)=(+9)

Then Mr.Harbec gave the class a chocolate bar for every question we got right all of us except the 5 people that answered it wrong got 1 chocolate bar.

After that incident with the elephant was over I went home for lunch I had a vary good lunch of ravioli and milk. After that i played with my cousin for about five minutes and i went back to school and on the way i found a big hot air balloon and i jumped in and flew high into the sky so high that i went up to space and into an asteroid field.

On one of the asteroids there was a question on it (-6) + (+3) = (-3)

Aafter that I dodged the asteroid i went back down to earth and continued to school.

When i got to school and had science class. We just copied down questions and found the answers in the book. after that I went to L.A. class in that class we were doing our collages and then school was over and when I was in my locker i was teleported to a backwards universe where up was down and school started at midnight. When i was there i found my locker and I tryed to go back to the normal universe where up was up. But there was a problem I couldn't open my locker without answering the integer question on my locker.(on the number line)

(+4) + (-2)= (+2)

Then i opend my locker and whent back home to sargent park.

After a wird dream i woke up in my room i had slept in and i rushed to school and when i got there the doors were locked. This was very strange because i had been late before. Then i was thinking what day is it then i realised that it was saturday morning so i started the walk home.on the way i seen some leaves on the ground and they were in a very strange pattern. they looked like a math question. so I tryed to solve it but it was hard so i asked the person that was walking by if she knew the math question but she didn't so i went home and wrote it out.

(+200) + (-175) + (-25) = (0)

Then i went home and had some food.



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