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Friday, October 24, 2008
My Integer Story

Vincent Thwoang woke up early in the morning. He went downstairs to get some milk, he opened the fridge and there was a sign with some kind of question on it. The sign said you need to answer this integer question to get some of your yummy milk. [Picture]Vincent was a little but bummed out, because math wasn't really his thing. It took a couple of hours until he got the answer, he said the answer was 0 the fridge gave him his milk.

Vincent got his milk and now he is hungry. Vincent went to the fridge to get some eggs to cook. When he opened it another math question popped out.[Picture] He was bummed out again, Vincent didn't really like math. He had to answer it because he wanted some omelette. The question was (+53)+(-52) this time Vincent used a different method of solving the problem. He used I have and I Owe. Vincent was thinking so I have $53 and i owe $52. If I have $53 and I owe $52, that means I have $1 left because is (+52)+(-52)= 0 then (+53)+(-52) must equal 1. Vincent said 1 and suprisingly the fridge gave him a cooked omelette.

Vincent was now full so he went to watch TV, when he turned it on the screen had an integer question. The question was (+60)+(+60)+(-100), this time Vincent had a numberline. Vincent was thinking, so i need to move to the right 60 time and keep moving 60 more times that means I moved to the right 120 times, so now i need to move back 100 times. After I moved back 100 times i landed on 20. So the answer to this question is (+60)+(+60)+(-100)=+20. The TV let Vincent watch whatever he wanted.

Vincent wanted to sleep again so he went upstairs to bed. When he went to lay down there was an integer question above him. The operation used algebra tiles. The question is: Blue tiles are postive red tiles are negative.
Vincent looked at it and he said I see 4 zero pairs and there is one red chip left out so the answer is -1. Vincent went to sleep.
The next day Vincent woke up and he wanted to go run so he could keep fit. When he went out to the front porch he had to answer a question. The question was (-4) - (-4)= Vincent was bummed again, because it was a SUBTRACTING integer question. There is no such thing as a Subtracting integer question, there is adding though. Vincent remembered what Mr. Harbeck said "add the opposite" so Vincent did that and he got this (-4)+(+4) because he added the opposite. Now Vincent isn't bummed out because he turned the SUBTRACTING integer question into an addition integer question. So Vincent answered the question (-4)+(+4)=0 because the numbers in the question were zero pairs.
When he got home from the run he forgot his keys inside the house, lucky enough there was another integer question on the door. The question was
(+4)+(-4)-(+4). The question was pretty easy this time even though it has 3 numbers. To answer this question Vincent added (+4)+(-4)=0 it was a zero pair. Now Vincent has to answer this question 0-(+4)=+4. Vincent thought he got it right so he checked his answers again and he knew the last one was wrong. He knew it was wrong because he forgot to add the opposite, so he added the opposite 0+(-4)=-4. This time Vincent was right so the door opened at let Vincent in.
The End.......


  1. JP8-16 said...

    Mr. Harbeck when I press enter to make a new paragraph, it wont work since I added the picture. That's why my story is like a big chunk at the ending can you edit it?

    October 29, 2008 at 10:39 PM  

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