Christian's Integer story

Monday, October 27, 2008
Scene one..

Once upon a time, In a far away place. There was a girl who wishes to have a new shoes, but she can never have. Her father is a farmer and her mother died when she was two, And now shes 12 years old. Her name is Miggery, Shes a girl who goes to school without lunch money in her pocket. Once she went to school with no money and an empty stomach too. So, she borrowed money from her best friend Jeselle. She had borrowed 10 dollars to buy food and other stuff. Miggery doesnt care on saving money, when she has money in her hands she just spend it all. One day Miggery got 15 dollars off their couch. She was very nice, that she thought of paying Jeselle first. She hoped that there will be some left. She try to answer how many will be left ?

I have 15 and I owe 10 = I have 5 dollars left.

She was very happy that theres still 5 dollars left. She was going to spend it already when Jeselle said to save it for a change. It got her thingking and she save the money. One night, he father came home with lots of money from farming. Her father was very happy that he gave miggery some money. he gave her 12 dollars. She was so happy that she wanted to spend it all again. But she remembered that she was saving money because Jeselle told her to. She put the money in a safe place with the other 5 dollars. The next day, while she was walking on the way to school she saw 2 dollars on the street. She puts it in her pocket, and later after school put it in his saving box. she tried to count how many does she have now.

She was suprised that she had 19 dollars. And she was so happy that saving money could be a good thing. She decided that she will continue on saving her money so she could buy what she wants. But she realize that putting things in a box might make her spend it, she decided to take 4 dollars of her money and buy a piggy bank with no opening. So that even though she want to get money off her savings, She won't be able too. She asked how many will be left after she bought her piggy bank.

She was a little worried, but happy that she still has 15 dollars. She realize that that's still not enough for the pair of new shoes that she wanted. So she asked her bestfriend Jeselle is she knew any part time job that she could fill in, Luckily she did. A Babysitting job, which pays 12 dollars an hour. After a week she had been babysitting children for 3 days. 1st day he work for 6 hours, 2nd day she worked for 4 hours, 3rd day she worked for only 2 hours. 1st day she had 72 dollars, then 48 dollars, and then 24 dollars. equally to 144 dollars. she was very happy that she had 144 dollars. She never knew that she could have that much money. now she wants to know how much money those she have all in all? including the ones on her savings.

( 144 ) + ( 15 ) = 159 total of money she have.

She was so happy that she went over to Jeselle's house and thank her by inviting her to go to the mall. At the mall she both some new cool shoes, of course the ones that she wanted. But it was sort of expensive, its about 85 dollars and then they bought lunch at Jugo Juice and New york fries which cost her 22 dollars. how many does she have left ?

( 144 ) + ( - 60 ) + ( - 22 ) = 62 dollars is what she have left.

She decided to keep that 62 dollars for her next saving.

Scene two..
After 2 weeks, Miggery was still working on the babysitting job. She was booked for the weekends only. She was booked on saturday for 3 hours, and on sunday for 2 hours. So she had 36 dollars on saturday, and 24 dollars on sunday. For the first weekends she had 60 dollars all in all. For the next weekends she worked for 3 hours on saturday, and another 3 hours on sunday. We are all expecting that she will get 72 dollars in total. But she only got 36 dollars, because on sunday she got a cold and couldn't make it. The parents that booked her for sunday got mad and asked for a refund with interests of 24 dollars. So it means she has to give money of 24 dollars to those parents, because of her late call. She tried to solve how much money she will have now? (+62): last savings + (+72): first weekends money - (+24): interests = ? how much?

Miggery solved it using combined adding and subtracting integers. Now, she only has 110 dollars, but although she only has that. She was very glad that she has over a 100 dollars. Now shes planning to buy a new nike highcut shoe, that cost 158 dollars. On babysitting she got booked on wednesday for 2 hours, thursday for another 2 hours and saturday for 4 hours, she got 24 dollars, another 24 dollars and 48 dollars. It was 96 dollars all in all, and 206 dollars in total with the 110 dollars. So she decided to buy another new shoes that she wanted.

Now she decided to still continue on saving her money and continue on her part time job on babysitting.


  1. Lissa 8-16 said...

    NICE WORK CHRISTIAN! I would just like to say there are a few spelling mistakes in your integer story and some of your sentences are a little too short. One of the parts that i didn't really understand was in the beginning Miggery wanted a pair of new shoes, but then after it said that she wanted this purse. Did she get the shoes? It was overall great, you just need to fix some things and it would turn out great!

    October 29, 2008 at 7:43 PM  

  2. chinn2 said...

    There, I think I fixed my spelling mistakes, but im still not sure. oh oh, because I thought of making it a new purse, but purses aren't that expensive unlike shoes. So I changed it. And now I added my part 2, im not sure if i did my questions right. but i tried my best. but if its not good enough. im willing to change my mistakes

    November 1, 2008 at 8:13 PM  

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