Eunnice's Interger Story

Friday, October 24, 2008

A not so very long time ago, maybe just a month ago, there were four kids. Their names are Chi,Chan, Alice and Odessa, they are friends. One day they were walking into the house to play video games. When they got into the bedroom they turned on the TV, and Wii. When they turned the game on, nothing popped out but letters and it said this: " You can't play! You have a mission! Today you'll learn how to add and subtract integers. Integers are negatice and postive numbers. Think of the positive numbers as money that you have and think of negative numbers as money that you owe. When you're adding a problem with both of the same sign, you just add them up and copy the sign of the bigger value. Now in suctracting integers add the opposite of the subtrahened and cancel the first and copy the common sign. . "The TV clicked off. In this mission the kids were told positive steps means moving forward and negatie steps is backward.

The four didn't care so they just turned the TV on again, but it didn't turn on. At first they thought the TV was just kidding. Later on Odessa's dog came in and gave her a blue envelope. The letter said : As you continue on this journey you will always find a blue envelope like this. The next page will be your first problem. Four kids took (+23) steps down the stairs and (+5) steps out of the house. Since they were told to shout the total numberof steps they did. They raced down the stairs and out the house,They all shouted (+23)+(+5)= +28.

They found another blue envelope, so they read it. It said " Congratulations!That was just simple integer problems, the next problem would be the same mathematical operation. Here's the problem, take (-7) steps out to the backyard into the park." "Oh, this is going to be exciting Alice said. "Hmm, let's see about that!" Chan replied.

As they got to the next location, they picked up the blue envelope. It said " Okay, I see you've done great so far. But I wonder if you'll be able to do the next. Take (+27) steps out to the backyard then turn left, take(-80) steps into the park . After they did the steps they shouted (-53 steps) from [(+27) + (+80.) = 53 ]. " Oh, this is going to be exciting!" Odessa said. " Hmm, let's see" Chan said.

As they got to the next location they picked up the blue envelope. It says " Okay. I see you've done great so far, but I wonder if you'll do the next. The next page said, take (+47) deeper into the park and take (+23) backward steps." Wow that's very confusing! But I know we can do it" Chi couraged. So the kids moved on then after taking the steps they again shouted (+47)- (+23)= +24 steps. They solved it correctly. "Well, now that we're here, what's next?" Alice questioned.

" Oh, there's another envelope" Chan said. And it said "Congratulations! That was pretty hard! But you're smart enought to figure it out anyways. Now try to solve this, this time you'll be the one to figure out the steps to get to the #260 picnic table" . So the kids sat down and talk to themselves on what steps to take. they agreed to take (+150) steps turn left and then take (-110) steps. They got surprised ending up infront of their #260 picnic table. Alice exclaimed " So I guess we got it right (+150) - (-110)= +260.

" After all that hard work, it finally paid off" a voice from behind said. It was Chi and Chan's parents. " Mom! Dad!" Chi said in confusion. " It was you guys after all! I thought it was some stranger!" Alice said. "Yes it was us. Now, wasn't this fun?" Chan and Chi's mom asked. "Nope!" they replied." If i say you get ice cream and cake,would you say it's fun?" Chan and Chi's mom asked. " Yes, ma'am!" they replied. " I did all this, because I knew you kids would play video games again" Chan and Chi's mom said with concern. I did this because you never get some fresh air and you never play anything educational" Chan and Chi's Dad said. " Well, dig in everybody!" Chan and Chi's mom said. " Yay!" they all shouted with joy. Everyone was happy.



  1. Abby 8-16 said...

    Hey Eunice! Great story! I just saw a few spelling mistakes. Like this one:
    "Oh, this is going ot bne exciting" Kia said.

    You meant to say "Oh, this is going to be exciting." Right?

    I would also prefer some pictures, but I liked the way you changed the text color to show that it's the question and answer.

    November 2, 2008 at 2:17 PM  

  2. Eunice 8-16 said...

    yeah...hehe.. i had spelling mistakes forgot to check.. and yes im going to correct it. thanks anyways abby (: and i cant put pictures.. cuz it wont work.. ;(

    November 2, 2008 at 7:54 PM  

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