Scribe Post October 29

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Well, I will talk or more like type about what we did in math class

Subtracting Integer

Well more like adding opposite.

I was not there for the first part of class but when I got in class they were talking about Mr.H's kid and the game war. Mr.H talked so long that we didn't review the math homework. Anyways Mr.H wrote on the smartboard, I wonder why it's called a smartboard. Anyways he wrote down 2 questions.

number 16 on page 48


well I did Algebra tiles,

It's a little small but whatever, If you can't read it go get glasses, well the answer is + 6

number 18 page 48 again


Aahh we had homework from page 48, well I going to only do one.
page 49
9.(-6)-(-5)+(-3)= -4
If my scribepost does not help read someone else's scribepost.


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