Kelsey's Integer story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Nago loved secrets, she loved talking to people about things she shouldn't really know. Nago had been trustworthy but it depends on the secret. Then one day at school someone gave her a note in her locker. It was marked with "anon". To her it wasn't really a secret just a bunch of numbers. All she can think was, who was this and why these numbers, and more importantly what do they mean?

Weeks later no on
e really had anything going on, there wasn't much secrets and gossip in the air. Nago realized that once everything had died down she had nothing to do. But again after her phys-ed class she changed from her shorts to her jeans and found another note. It had different numbers and she'd seen them before.

Woah! Nago knows this stuff, she realizes that it's math! She's not sure what kind of math. But it reminds her of the weather. Nago is really curious to know more about it and how she can use it. In each new note the question has been solved in different ways.

Another day ends with Nago leaving school. She does the regular things, goes to her locker then picks up her stuff and leaves. As she expected theres another note in her locker. She notices that all of her problems have been adding, but she wonders can these numbers be subtracted? She looks into all of this math and guess what she finds!

.... To be continued ?

Yeah, Nago is back! She finds another note, but this time it's different. It says "If you don't solve this question you will not find out who this is, and why i am doing this". Nago wants to solve this question rea
lly bad but she can't really figure it out. Then poof! she get's it.

Finally she finds the last note in her binder in her math section. Wow what a coincidence! Anyways as she had planned, her answer was right so she got the next note. It had a bunch of different number and signs on it. But she wanted to know who was challenging her with all of these questions so she answered it.

Then she received a phone call saying to her that she has learned plenty and it should stay this way. She thinks that all of this was for nothing but maybe it wasn't.



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