Jay's Integers Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Peter and the Wizard

The was a man named Peter and he was about to go and eat with his whole family. Suddenly he saw that no one was at the table ready to eat. The table wasn't even set and the only thing that was there at the table was a small piece of paper. As he picked the paper up the whole room went dark and a flash happen, when the room lit up a wizard as right in front of him! the man said who are you?, I'm the integer wizard and I'm the one that took your parents. All you have to do is go in an adventure by solving all the questions I give and you have to get them all right or else you won't see your parent ever again!. Then he disappeared in thin air. He read the paper and there was an integer question and it said:


he thought of the answer and came with money I owe and I have:

I Owe 5 and have 3= owe 2 or -2

The answer is -2 said Peter and the magical wizard appeared. and the wizard said That is Correct!!!!!!!!

Here is your next question said the wizard.


Peter thought of algebra tiles and came up with this answer he had 1 zero pair which was +1 + -1= 0 and had -1
The answer is +1 said Peter and the wizard said again that is correct. Now, you have 2 more question left before you save the said the wizardand the he left. Then 1 more scroll appeared and it said on it:
This time he used a Number line and got this answer:
on the number line he went down 4 starting from zero then went down another 2 and ended up at -6. The answer is -6 said peter very loudly and The wizard popped this time the answer is.......................... Correct! and Peter let out a sigh of relief. Now you have 1 more question, are you ready!!! said the wizard and with confidence Peter said yes!!!!! so the final time he looked at the scroll and the question was:
Peter remembered that he should group things that are the same and he did. He combined (+2)+(+4) and that equalled (+6) then he took (-1) and he put it into the equation (+6)+(-1)= (+5) and finally he found the answer. Peter got up and shouted the answer The wizard appeared and for the final time he said......................... That is Correct!!! Peter jumped for joy as he ran around in circles. Peter was relieved and and was asking the Wizard where are my parents and the wizard said go to your room, once he got to his room he saw all of his family members. Peter was finally back with his parents!!!!!!

............... or did he

This is a continuation on the last story.........

Peter finally met with his parents, or did he? Peter was fooled to think that his parents were real his parents were actually holograms. Why did you trick me said Peter? and the wizard went silent. When the wizard spoke he was hesitating it felt like the wizard was about to cry! Finally when everything was back to normal the wizard said No more fooling around and lets get back to business! The wizard said are you ready to answer more questions? Peter got up and said yes I am!, good because here is your next question:


Peter got to the table with a piece of paper and did his best on solving the wizard's question and in 5 minutes Peter got this answer:

The wizard was shocked and had a face that was like frozen!! The wizard said "That's correct"!
and Peter was jumping for joy! Peter was all happy because he can almost see his real parents again! The wizard said that this question was the final question! Peter are you ready for this!! said the wizard and with that confidence look he's up for the challenge and all of a sudden they went to a place high above the clouds where Peter saw his real parents. when he was there the wizard stopped him from getting there and placed him on top of a tower. Now in order to see your parents again you have 2 options jump off the tower or answer a very difficult question said the wizard. Then peter chose the question, he remembered that if he got it wrong he would never see his parents again!! So the question is:

This time Peter had nothing with him even a pencil and paper this time in 30 minutes Peter used his Mental Math and solved it like this:

Then with his loudest voice ever he shouted out the answer "positive 12"!!!!! and the wizard came and for the final time he said That is ............................... Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the wizard teleported him to his family and Peter gave big hugs to his family as he turned back he saw that the wizard was gone out of no where and on that day peter finally said to himself that he was actually good on integers and Peter and his family finally got to eat together in peace



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