Patrick's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
The Amazing Integer

There was once an integer who was named Wierdo. He was just getting to know the world around him. In other words, he was still a baby integer. Every year on his planet of numbers, whenever you grow a year older, your body changes into the next number. It's kind of like counting you're years of age. For example, people that had the shape as the number 34 were thirty four years old. You also had to stay away from stray numbers walking around on the street because if they catch you, then you grow older or younger, depending on what number they are. People can also be negative. If you are negative, you act like a (+100) year old for example, depending on how low of a negative you are. Well, Wierdo didn't know that so he went off making friends with stray numbers. Then one of the stray numbers grabbed onto him and he didn't know what to do. Wierdo was currently 1 year old. The stray was (+30) years old. How old is Wierdo now?

He felt very wierd, and his new friend that tried to "hug" him has disappeared. He walked back home and looked in the mirror. "AAAAHHHHHH"!!!


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