Thursday, October 23, 2008
Integer Story

One day there was a little girl named Angie . She was playing Princess dress up, for the upcoming ball with her Prince Teddy Charming other dolly's and stuffed animals, when she noticed something odd. She was already in her princess shoes and tiara and her pink dress but where was Prince Teddy ! That when she noticed the dirty foot prints out of her room she followed then until she came across a piece of loose leaf that said :"If you ever want your Teddy back in one piece you must answer this question"

Under on the ground where checker peaces some black ones and red ones. On the loose leaf it said use the checkers too help you with this question.

(-6) + (+7) = ?

She used the pieces and came up with the answer of +1! She arranged the 7 black checkers under the 6 red checkers and came up with 6 zero pairs! with 1 left.

She followed the foot prints across the side walk, and found another loose leaf it said : " I till have Teddy! answer this question with a number line.

(+ 7) + (-8) = ?

She rememberd how to do a number line and drew one with side walk chalk. " up 7 steps from the 0 and then 8 steps back she ended up at the 1- . Got it! she was almost there.

She kept following the steps, and came to another note it said answer this one with i owe and i have she did not understand until she read the question it said " Lia got 5$ and spent 1$ on a gumball how much did she have left" OH! i have 5 take away 1 =3 I have 4 and owe 0 she wrote it on the side walk. and kept walking.

Yet another letter she found. It said "Teddy is still alive but if you want him back answer one question" how ever you want she chose standered because it was fastest. " What is (-5) + (+5) =? easy! that's a zero pair she wrote it on the side walk again and The she saw Teddy still in his tux sitting in the sand box. she heard her brother running back to the house. She finally went to the ball the end.


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