Abbie A's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
"Oh no! there is a test next period and I forgot to study!" said Suri to her friend.

When Suri got into her math class she was really nervous, the only thing she knew about the test was that it was about adding integers. Luckily the teacher gave the class five minutes to study. Suri quickly looked over her notes and studied with her friend. "It's time for the test." Suri's teacher announced. He gave all the students their test and sat back in his chair correcting the previous class' tests. The first question said (+5) + (-7). " Oh. that's easy, its -2." thought Suri.

So Suri answered the question and showed her work. "This test is pretty easy!" thought Suri. So she went to the next question. The next question was a word problem. It read, " You are going up an elevator, you go up 6 floors and you go down 7 floors. What floor are you at now? ". At first Suri was confused, but then she finally got it. It was like a light bulb went off in her head.

" That question was east too,I dont even think i needed to study." thought Suri. So she went on to the third question. It was also a word problem, in this word problem it said, "The temperature rises 5 degrees, then falls to 3 degrees, then rises again 2 more degrees." Suri knew the answer to the question right away.

"Finally the last question" Suri thought. She had only 3 minutes to finish this test. "Good thing this test is easy or I would never be able to finish this on time" Suri though, while looking at the clock. The Last question was again a word problem. It said " You have 7 dollars and you spend 6 dollars, then you earn 4dollars. How much money do you now have?" "Ha! this is easy, I can finish this just in time.

"Times up!" announced Suri's teacher. " hand in your papers on the way out"
So Suri finish her test and walked happily off to her next class.


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