Jessica's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time in a far away land lived a dragon named Fredward. He loved to do math, just kidding he hated it but he was good at it. Every time he tried to blow flames at the knights who tried to rescue the princess he blew out integer problems instead of fire.

One dark and stormy night a knight went to the castle to rescue the princess. Fredward flew up to him and tried to blow fire at him, but instead blew an integer problem. The knight laughed and said "(-5) + (+6) is positive one! Bwuahahaha! You fool." Then he ran off laughing. Since he wasn't watching where he was going because he was laughing so hard, he tripped and fell into one of the traps in the castle. He had no way out. Luckily for Fredward the knights would always do the exact same thing, and he could torture them with math questions! Though he wished he could blow fire instead of math questions.

A few weeks later two more knights came looking for the princess together. They split up to look for the princess. Fredward flew up to one of them scaring them half to death. But, once he blew an integer problem at them the knight laughed and said "Positive 8 plus negative 16 equals negative 8! Your not so scary! Hahahaha!" Like usual, the knight fell into one of the traps. So Fredward went looking for the other knight. Once he found him he blew (+1) + (+1) at the knight. But only this time the Knight was laughing so hard that he simply turned around and went home.

The very same day another knight came along. Fredward flew up to him and just like that he blew an integer problem at him. The knight burst out laughing then said "A dragon that blows math questions? Oh how wonderfully pathetic! And the question isn't even challenging! Negative 11 plus positive 4 equals negative 7! How pathetic! My cat could give a harder math question than that! Step aside you math geek and let me rescue the princess!" This truely engranged Fredward. He spread his wings and took a deep breath, then forcefully blew it all out at the knight. No math questions! He had finally learned how to blow fire! After he had fried the knight he celebrated by gobbling him up. No other knight had enough time to fall into one of the traps, until one day...

After Fredward had eaten one of the knights that had recently tried to save the princess, he cought the knights cold. One day when he was laying in bed, not feeling well at all, another knight came along. Since this was Fredwards job and didn't want to get fired, he got up and slowly flew up to the knight and tried to blow fire. But tragedy has struck! Since Fredward is sick he isn't able to blow fire, but he can blow math question! The knight laughed. "(+10) - (-5) is 5!" Fredward laughed and said "Foolish human, you have to change the subtraction sign to a plus sign and then change -5 to positive 5! Bahaha! (cough cough)" Then Fredward quickly bent down and gobbled the knight.

A few days later when Fredward was still not feeling good a knight named Prince Billy came along to rescue the princess. Fredward flew to him. But Prince Billy stood tall with his sword in his hand getting ready to slay Fredward, but then Fredward blew the question (+2) - (-5). Prince Billy dropped his sword, and stared with horror and screamed at the top of is lungs. "A..a..a math question! Oh no! I don't know how to do math!" And then he shreaked like a little girl. Before Prince Billy was able to run Fredward ate him. soon after Fredward sneezed, and he was able to breath again! And suddenly his throaght wasnt sore anymore! Fredward was so happy that he was feeling better that he invited his friends Cosmo and Jimothy over to party. The end.


  1. Abbie8-16 said...

    Awesome job on your story! I love the pictures and the story. I love the pictures more though.

    October 26, 2008 at 8:54 PM  

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