Nicko's Integer Story

Monday, October 27, 2008
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Integer Wars

The Human species were at war against the vile species of Necters. It all began from a game show...

Ten Days Ago

"We have a tie right now folks and we have three questions left." said the host, "The next question is... (+8) + (-3).

The Nectar was the first one to hit the buzzer. This is how he figured out the answer:

"Corrrrrect!!" said the host, "Necters are now in the lead with two questions remaining. This question could be the end of the human superiority in knowledge. The question is (-4) + (-3).

The human player's hand hit the buzzer as fast as a lightning can appear and disappear. The human showed the question this way:

"Exactly right!!!" the excited host yelped, "This is it folks, the question that will decide who is inferior and superior in knowledge!! The final question is..... (+1) + (+1).

Both the players hit the buzzer the exact same time.

"Well since you guys seem to have a tie," the host said, "I'm going to answer the question for everyone! The answer is 2. It is easy enough to answer in your head. I know it's not rocket science, but go me!!"

"Now for the real deal, the question is..." the host paused dramatically, "What is (-12) + (+21)!?"

The human and the Necters stared at each other for a split second and then it happened... the human buzzer rang loud!! The human then jumped up and laughed.

"I believe that the answer is 9!!" the human yelled out, "This is why I am sure of it:"

"Unbelievable folks!! The humans have won the battle of wits." the host said in a cheery way, "The humans are now the smartest species there is!!!"

"WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! YEAHHH!!!" the humans exclaimed.

"This is stupid! It was obviously a battle of speed than a battle of wits!!" the Necters viciously screamed, "Humans are inferior to us and we will show you!!! This is not over!!!

Present Day

It's now the seventh day of war between the humans and the Necters. The vile creatures, the Necters, have began to invade the humans' homeland, Reath. A group of humans have been chased down to a defensive outpost right outside the city. The outpost was built as a maze to protect the city, it stretches all around the city. It has a series of locks and alarms that can only be opened through answering questions only the brightest species can possibly answer.

The Necters have followed the humans to a huge building that seems to stretch forever. Upon reaching the building's entrance, a hologram of a woman appeared from the door. The woman was young and beautiful, she also looked very neat and organized. The woman said, "I am Rebekah and I am here to assist you. The following questions will determine if you are worthy enough to enter the great city of Wen Yesrej. Answer these following questions and i will open the door for you." Her image disappeared but was followed by 2 questions.

Ivan, the leader of the Necters said, "This is way two easy. I'll even show you how to get the answers. From where I come from we don't believe in subtracting. It's too confusing. We do, however, add the opposites. Watch!!"

Loud noises came from the door as it unlocks. It's size made the door hard to move. It slowly swung open to give a full view of the wondrous city. Walking towards them was the young woman, Rebekah. She came up to them and greeted, "Welcome to Wen Yesrej. We humans only want peace and we are terribly sorry if we have given your species any offense. You have to understand that not all humans are the same and they all have different qualities."

In response, Ivan said, "We Necters did not come here to wage war anymore but to make peace and unity with the humans. We believe that if we join forces we will be the super species that will be invincible."

"I believe we can make this happen and we can do this right now. However, I am having trouble reaching my brother who has the only contact with out leader."

"Is there anything we can do? We would like to be on our way as soon as possible to deliver our message to our people."

"Well, to reach my brother I need to answer a question as a security check. However, I'm having trouble and it would be greatly appreciated if you helped."

"Already then, what would the question be?"

"It is, (-15) + (+8) - (-7) -(+13) + (-4)."

"Thank you very much!! We are going to have a good relationship and we will make great technological advances. I wish you well on your trip and I can't wait until you return. So long then."

(This is the story of the War of Wits)


  1. bobby 8-16 said...

    Nicko!! Good job!! I like the name of the aliens haha "necters".. Good job!!

    October 28, 2008 at 6:07 PM  

  2. Charissa 8-16 said...

    I loved your use of the game show idea. Good job!:)

    October 29, 2008 at 8:52 PM  

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