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Friday, October 24, 2008
The Amazing Integer

There was once an integer who was named Wierdo. He was just getting to know the world around him. In other words, he was still a baby integer. Every year on his planet of numbers, whenever you grow a year older, your body changes into the next number. It's kind of like counting your years of age. For example, people that had the shape as the number 34 were thirty four years old. You also had to stay away from stray numbers walking around on the street because if they catch you, then you grow older or younger, depending on what number they are. People can also be negative. If you are negative, you act like a (+100) year old for example, depending on how low of a negative you are. Well, Wierdo didn't know that so he went off making friends with stray numbers. Then one of the stray numbers grabbed onto him and he didn't know what to do. Wierdo was currently 1 year old. The stray was (+30) years old. How old is Wierdo now?

He felt very wierd, and his new friend that tried to "hug" him has disappeared. He walked back home and looked in the mirror. "AAAAHHHHHH"!!! He was wrinkly! And the shape of his body had changed from a 1 into a 31! His mom and dad freaked when they saw Wierdo and thought he was some stranger and not their son. He tried to explain what had happened but they did not believe him or even care what he was saying. They kicked him out of the house and told him to never come back. Somehow, Wierdo's mom had thrown him out of the house so hard that he was still flying in the air. He actually had time to think about what had just happened and how he was going to fix it. He was now coming close to the ground...and right below him was the number (-30)!!!!! He landed butt-first on the (-30)'s head. A beam flashed because of such a great impact and the stranger disappeared. Wierdo was now wondering how old he was now because he had learned from what had happened with the (+30) earlier in the day. He also had time to figure it out because his mom has such a great arm! Anyways, how old is Wierdo now?!

Wow! Wierdo feels like a baby that has only been alive for a year....wait...what?! Whatever. The point is, Wierdo is once again a baby 1 and he can go back home, but there is 1 problem. He doesn't know the way home because everything that happened when he was (+31) was erased from his memory. He now had to figure out a way to get back home. He thought about how when he gets older, he gets smarter so he said to himself, "What if I turn back into an old person so i can know the way home, and then transform back into a baby while my house is in sight so i can go home". Wow he thought. That was pretty smart for a 1 year old! Wierdo hadn't noticed that he was talking aloud and another integer was willing to help. This other integer had the shape as the integer (+14) so if they combined, then Wierdo's quest will take a shorter amount of time because 15 year olds are really active....atleast in my opinion. They decided to make a dramatic moment and went in slo-motion towards eachother, stretching their arms out as if they were about to hug eachother. As they were about to touch, a stinkin' (-2000) came across them and joined all 3 of them together. Not only that, but the (-2000) grandpa was riding a bike....

Now Wierdo's quest will take super duper long because of this stinky old man! Well, no pain no gain....60 hours with no sleep later they make it to Wierdo's house. All they need to do is find a dude who is the number (+1986) and combine so Wierdo can go back home. Wow! What a coincidinky! A number (+1986) is walking down the street. He refused to combine and sacrifice himself to a negative number with a bike in his head. Wierdo had enough and just wanted to go home so he snuck up on the 1986 and pounced on top of his head.

Another flash of a bright beam came out of nowhere for absolutely no reason at all, and there he was, stinky diaper and all, a (+1). He crawled home and went to sleep..................................................................................................................................

The next day he thought about what happened and how he had figured everything out, the math and all. He came up with a plan for today....get in more problems involving math! :) and so he set out, trying not to wake his parents. He snuck out of his room and rolled down the stairs...literally ROLLED down the stairs! "Boom, whack, kapowee, WOWOWEE!" He shook his head and crawled out the door. Luckily for this mischievous boy, there was a mailman standing outside and he bumped into him. Right before that annoying flash of bright light came out of nowhere, he saw the man's figure....(-45).

Now he was a (-44)...not bad. He walked around and kept thinking about what he did there....add the opposites....he loved it! He decided to tell everyone he saw about it. He ended up telling the whole city about it and it soon came up on the news. "A New Trend...Add the Opposites!" was on newspapers in seconds....wierd... and Wierdo felt awesome and famous! He decided to get younger to show everyone that a baby made "Add the opposites" up. He looked for a (+45) because we all know (-44) + (+45) = (+1) right? Yeah..... He just decided to find random people and join together to hopefully become (+1)...being the lazy brat that he is! He found a (+45), and a (+1).....

He was just about to tell everyone about his special smarts and brains and about how h came up with "Add th opposites" when he remembered.....he couldn't talk....


  1. Nicko 8-16 said...

    Wow!!! Amazing job dude. It's pretty funny too!!

    October 27, 2008 at 7:42 PM  

  2. bobby 8-16 said...

    Nice!! Good job patty-boy lol. I agree with nicko, its pretty funny. I like the name "wierdo" thats funny. Great job patrick!!

    October 29, 2008 at 9:16 PM  

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