Charissa's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time lived a little elf named Chancy. All of the other elves would always make fun of him. They made fun of him because he did not have a magical elf power. The other elves were able to read minds, steal cookies, and fly. The only thing that Chancy could do was math.

He was skipping through the forest when he came upon two squirrels arguing. One squirrel was saying "You owe me three nuts!" The other squirrel was saying "No I only owe you two!" So Chancy went up to them to help them with their problem. He said to them "How many nuts did you give him?" "I gave him four nuts." So then he should be owing you four nuts back. You still owe him two more nuts. Chancy then continued his journey through the forest.

He got tired of skipping and decided to take a rest. While he was resting he fell asleep on an enchanted mushroom. If you fell asleep on it, it would make you dream of integers. So, Chancy was dreaming. In his dream was an integer question. The question was (-8) + (+2). Chancy figured out that the question equaled out to -6.

Chancy all of the sudden was woken up. He was woken up by Fredward the integer blowing dragon. Fredward was trying to warn Chancy that the mushroom would make his brain explode with integer questions. But since Fredward couldn't blow fire he blew an integer question at Chancy to wake him up. The question was (+7) + (-15). The question immediately woke Chancy up. Once Chancy woke up he answered the question. "The answer of your integer question is -8" yelled Chancy. "You are correct" said Fredward. Chancy then once again continued through the forest.

What he saw next shocked him. Humans were cutting down trees from the forest. He went up to them and said "What are you doing!?" One of the workers replied "Don't worry we plant back a new tree for each tree we've cut down." Chancy thought in his head. They've cut down 8 trees but only planted 5 back. "You guys have your math wrong, you see (-8) + (+5)= -3 you still need to plant 3 more trees" stated Chancy. "Oh okay thank you for helping us out" said the workers.

He then came to an opening in the forest. There was nothing around but one thing. That one thing was an integer question. But this integer question was not like any that he had ever done. It involved subtraction. The question was (-8) - (+3)= ? Chancy thought and thought...and finally came up with the solution. You never subtract you add the opposite. So instead of the question being (-8) - (+3) he changed it to (-8) + (-3)= -11!
So he continued on his walk yet again. While he was walking he got thirsty and stopped at a river. There was an evil giant frog at the river. He said "You have to answer an integer question to get a drink of water, the question is
(+3)+(-9)-(+2)= ?" So chancy remembered to add the opposite. He changed the question to (+3) + (-9) + (+2)= -4. "The answer is -4," said Chancy. The frog said "That is correct you may get a drink of water." Chancy got a drink of water and left on his walk.
Chancy was finally done with his walk through the forest. He then realized that his magical elf power was figuring out integer problems. He was so thrilled that he told every elf that made fun of him. The elves never made fun of Chancy again.


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