Jaymie's Integer story pt. 1 and 2

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
PART 1 Adding integers

Once there was a little girl named Abbie she was playing dress up when she found that she could not find her dress. Thats when she saw the muddy footprints trailing down the hall to the cookie jar and then outside she followed the footprints and came to an integer question posted on a post it.It said : " I have your dress answer these quetions and and I will give it back." Outraged she read the question.
what is (-3 ) + ( -7 ) = ? she thought and finally came up with the answer -10! she checked her work and found that she was right. At this rate I might get my dress by lunch time! she moved on.

She followed the footprints and found another post it.It said :"Answer this question and you might get you your dress by lunch time." Her tummy grumbled she hoped so. she read the question it said "I have 6 and i owe 3 how much do I have left?' she used her fingers hmmmmmm.... "You have 3 left!" yes correct again!

Her tummy grumbled again as she followed the footprints to another post it. On the post it said : Use the number line to answer this question -5 + 5=0
using the number line she started at -5 and went up 5 steps. "Thats a zero pair!"

She kept walking. another post it was stuck on the kitchen counter stuck next to... a chichen sandwich and... her dress! The post it said :"Wait! before you eat and get your dress you must answer one queston. Using these black and red checkers answer this question. what is 6 + -7 =
she rearanged the checkers and founf that the answer was.....-1!!

Finally! she gobbeled up her sandwich picked up her dress and ran to play dress up.

PART 2 Subtracting integers

The next day Abbie when to her fathers house. Her father looked a her report card and frowned "You did so well on adding." He said
"I had fun learning it." she replied then walked away to play extreme barbie. That night her father called her Mother . Her mother told her about the game she had made up for her.

He liked the idea.


The next day.

"My fairy princess doll! ... Where is it! its gone!" Then she say for the second time a set of foot prints leading out of the room this time she brought a peice of paper and pencil. She followed the foot prints yet again, To another peice of paper. It said:


  1. Charissa 8-16 said...

    I liked how you had a reward at the end for your character's math work. All you need to do now is add some pictures and it will be perfect! Good job!:)

    October 29, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

  2. chinn2 said...

    Hey Jaymie, good job on your story. But little spelling mistakes, one is "chichen sandwich" haha. And it will be better to have pictures for the tile and number line question.
    And uhm, where's the part 2? it says part 2, but it only ends on playing barbie extreme? it didnt include any subtracting and adding integers. And its better if you change colours for the questions. But other than that, it was a cool story.

    November 1, 2008 at 6:25 PM  

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