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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eunice Cadao
Scribe of the day for 8-16

Hello! I'm today's scribe. I'm going to be talking about, today's discussion. Mr. Harbeck talked about a lot of things today, but I'm only going to be talking about work and homework.

In class today we solved integer problems.We added and subtracted integers. The problems were like algebra questions. So you wouldn't get confused solve them one by one and don't think of it as a single question.

Mr. Harbeck said when you are SUBTRACTING you're really ADDING. You know why?, because when you're SUBTRACTING you're going to have to re-write the equation. When you re-write the equation, you change the subtraction to addition and then you're goin to add the opposite of the subtrahend.

Here's what we did in class.. ( Page 48: 21,22,23,27,29,37,38,39,40 & Page 49: 9,10,11,14,15,25,25)


21. (-10) + (-8)+(+6)-(+2)= N
(-18)+(+6)+(-2)= N
(-12)+ (+4)= -8

22. (-5)+(-3)-(+14)=N
(-8)+(-14)= -22


9. (-6)-(+5)+(-3)=N
(-11)+(-3)= (-14)


See how I re-wrote my equations to make it easier. Do the same thing so it's easy and it's required anyways. Well if you still didn't get everyting I said and what Mr. Habeck said, here's a video and a link that might help...


Well, that's it I'm done.I had so much fun doing this. I hope you learned something from my scribe. Don't forget tomorrow we have a math quiz. It's pretty short, and there's nothing new, so nothing to panic. The next scribe is... (drum roll please) ..... JONATHAN! muwahahah.(: Okay bye now! Have fun Seaburn doing scribe! >:D haha! (:


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