Bobby's Integer Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Sean and his integer challenges

Once upon a time, a boy named Sean was sleeping. He woke up at his
house but no one was at home. He was so happy that he was finally
alone. There was a note and some money on the fridge that says
"here's money for food, buy something and we'll be back in a few days.
love mom". Sean took the money and put it in his pocket. He watched a
little bit of TV and played on the computer. He heard some noises and
he got scared. But it was just his stomach saying "FEED MEE!!". He
went out to buy some food. He went to a store called "Ugly store". He
bought some pizza sub and some burgers. Then as he came up to the
counter he saw a sign that says "answer a really hard math question
and you'll get a one week free grocery". The question was:
(+30)+(-30)+(+5)= . He asked himself what is the answer?

The next day his parents called him to check on him. They told Sean
that still don't know when they can go home. After he talked to his
parents he got hungry and he ate all his leftover from yesterday. After
he ate he fell asleep. After two hours he woke up. He called his friend
Kevin and he said to meet up at their school. They met up and greeted
each other, Kevin brought some shovels so they can go digging on the
sandbox. They were getting deeper and Sean hit a box, They pulled it
out and they tried to open it, but they couldn't. Then they saw an
instructions on the back of the box. It said "To open this box, you must
answer this integer question". Kevin read all the numbers and while he
was reading it out loud to Sean, Sean was recoding the numbers. The
numbers were: (+5)+(-5)+(-5)= . Kevin answered the question by using
the number lines. Then he typed the answers on the box, and it opened.
It had a lot of money in it.

After him and Kevin got the treasure, they split up the money they got.
Then Sean slept with his money so no one can take away from him.
When he woke up the next day , he was throwing all money in the air
and letting it fall down on him. "It feels good" he said. Then Sean was
bored s he built a lemonade stand. His friend Kevin came and wanted
to buy 2 lemonade drinks. A lemonade drink cost one dollar. Sean was
thinking if it cost one dollar then if Kevin wants two drinks it would be
two dollars. Kevin brought 10 dollars and he had to spend 2 dollars.
Anyways, how much is Kevin's change?.

The next day Sean was watching TV and then he fell asleep. He was making these faces and it looked like he was having a dream. When he woke up he called his girlfriend told her about his dream. Sean told her that it was scary and he was attacked by two girls that was wearing positive and negative costumes , but he was only chased by the two girls because they couldn't take off the costumes because they were cursed to wear it forever. The only way to get it off was to solve the problem that was on their back and it had to be solved by a guy. Sean tried to solve it and the problem was (-15)+(+15)= . Sean got the answer and then he yelled it out and the two girls were free and they kissed Sean then they started dating. Now Sean has 3 girlfriends because of his smartness.

Sean and his integer challenges PT. 2

It's been a week and still no sign of Sean's family. Sean was getting worried, he called the house that his family was staying in. Sean's mom answered, she said that it's taking them long because mom's parents are renovating their house so they had to help. Sean didn't worry anymore, then Sean got hungry again. While Sean was walking to the store a man walked up to him, the man was crying because he was abused by 4 big men. The four big men put handcuffs on him. To get it out was to solve the problem. The problem was (-20)-(-20)= . Sean got confused because it had a subtracting sign, Sean kept thinking and thinking and finally got. He remembered the stuff Mr. Coconut taught him about subtracting integers. Sean answered it and the man was free, the man gave him a coin that can grant one wish.

The next day Sean was bored, his parents are still not home. Sean was watching TV when the phone rang. He answered it and someone was talking to him in a creepy voice, Sean got scared. But it turned out to be his best friend Kevin, Sean got mad at him. Then there was another phone call, this time its in a out of breath voice and there was yelling and screaming and they were asking for help. A man answered it, the man said that he kidnapped Sean's family. They want a 2 million for ransom money, said no to them. Then the man threatened him, if he doesn't give the money then he would kill his family. Sean gives up and said the he would give it to them.Then Sean remembered that he had a coin that grants one wish. Sean wished that his family is back and not harmed.The coin went up in the said and popped out an integer questions: (-20)-(-20)+(+30)= . Sean was thinking that it's the same question but with an adding sign with it.Sean figured it out easily and got the wish.


  1. Anonymous said...

    BOBBY ! no one has commented yet, so I guess I will! Good effort ! But, make sure to reread your story, because there are a few grammar, puntuation and spelling errors, either than that GOOD JOB ! (;

    November 5, 2008 at 6:44 PM  

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