Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today in math class we had a quiz with adding more than 2 integers in it, for eg (+3)+(-7)-(+9)+(-2). There were 10 questions but Mr.Harbeck gave us loads of time. After the quiz Mr.Harbeck taught us how to take the training wheels off of the integers and how to add them up without the training wheels. He called the brackets training wheels because it helped us train for this kind of math. Here is an example of how he took the brackets off.

Questions for the math quiz were easy and simple. They were long but we had 90 seconds which was enough time to finish before 20 minutes. A question from the quiz was (+20)+(+16)+(+10)=+46
He gave us questions with brackets so it was pretty easy.

He wanted us to learn about Combining Integers.


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