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Monday, October 27, 2008
Scribe Post
Monday, October 27

Subtracting Integers
Today in class we learned how to subtract integers. The thing is, you DON'T subtract them, you add the opposite.

For example. (-1) - (+1) THIS IS WRONG!!
In order to make this correct, you must change the subtraction sign (-) to a plus sign (+).
Then, you change the (+1) to a (-1)
You start with this... (-1) - (+1)
And end up with this... (-1) + (-1) = good! :]
Actually it equals (-2)
Always remember! Don't change the first integer! Only change the subtraction sign (-) to a plus sign (+). Then you change the second integer to it's opposite. Which in this case would be (+1) to (-1).

Integer Tiles

You use integer tiles to help you figure out the answers when you add integers.

(+4) + (-3)=? (Remember the red tiles are positive, the white ones are negative!)

So, since there is only one left, the answer is (+1).

Today for homework we have to do page 46 in the yellow book. Make sure you remember to do three of the questions using integer tiles!

Next scribe : RAYNA! xP


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