Scribe Post for October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
***The Following information could be wrong so double check***

Today in class Mr Harbeck was talking about a page that we did for homework one side it had questions 1-14 and questions 1-10 on the other. The one that he explained to us was the one with 1-10 on it. He asked if there was any question regarding the page, and there were quite a few questions that Mr Harbeck Explained on the white board and here is on of them:

This was question 7 on the sheet:

You roll a cube which has the numbers 16, 18, 24, 18, 24 and 26. You then spin a spinner which has 5 section on it C, F, H, H, H. The it asks to find P(probability) of getting a number less than 24 and not and F. Here is how i did my solution:

1st you find how many TPO's there are by multiplying 6x5 to get 30 then you map it out like a tree.

Then you want to find the FO which is a number less than 24 and not a F.

Then If you count the ovals you get 12 of them so that's your FO's then you make a fraction to a percent:

This means that there is a 40% chance of getting a number less than 24 and not getting an F.

Mr Harbeck also explained on Independent and Dependent events, this is where there are 2 things happening(dependent) and an event on its own(independent):

Say if you have a coin and a spinner with 2 section, for it to be dependent you multiply what you have so 2x3=6 for the TPO's

He gave us some homework from a textbook so i'm just going to do question 5a

it said green and a 2 find P:

first find the TPO so you have to multiply 5 and 2, 5 for how many section and 2 for either a green or red. so 5x2= 10 you now have 10 TPO's to find the FO use a Tree:

Then you can see that there is only 1 2 and 1 green with 2. so that means that it has a 1/10 chance of getting that combo or just 10%.

For the test you have to know Experimental and Theoreticaly Probability and more probability stuff.

So this is what we did during class and I hope it made sense to you so please leave a comment about the scribe and all of my hard work.

The next scriber will be bobby, good luck on the next scribe bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!