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Sunday, October 26, 2008
My Secret Love

Lula was a very popular girl. Everyone loved her, but there was one secret that no one knew about her. It all started in the seventh grade she had her very first math test of the year she loved math , but this test was different. She had been studying for weeks, her teacher put the test in front of her. She started to read the very first question was easy for her.
She didn't even have to think about it, the answer was (+5), but the teacher wanted her to prove her answers.
(+15) + (10)=(+5)
She finished the rest of the test before the rest of the class, so she went through her binder looking for something to do, when she came upon five pencils and the guy next to her stole 3 pencils from her she look and found out how many pencils left.

Class was finally over so Lula went home. The next day Lula went to social studies, when she walked into the door her teacher asked her to sit two seat in front of the sixth seat.

So she sat in the fourth seat she sat right beside the cutest guy in the seventh grade, he was adorable. In class they were learning about early humans and it was sort of confusing because there were so many different ones and they all had different characteristics and different ways of living, it's was really weird.

Next period Lula had art and they were coloring pictures that they made last class and she had 24 pencil crayons, then her best friend Kekee asked to barrow 5 crayons, but Lula need to know how many pencil crayons she had left so she used money because she ad money and she didn't want to count all her pencil crayons.
I have 24 and I owe 5= I have 19.
After class she got all her pencil crayons back and went to lunch with her friends, but she felt really sick so she went home. It's was not very pretty when she got home she was vomiting all over the place. So she went to sleep, but sadly she never woke up. Just kidding she woke up the next day and she felt better and went to school.

This story was fiction and all fiction exept for the part about the pencil crayons I really do have 60!


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