Trent's Measures of Central Tendency October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mean Is the average of all the numbers in the data set. Here are the steps to find it ........
  1. Arrange the data in ascending order

  2. Add up all the data in the set
  3. Divide the number you got by the amount of data in the set

  4. And thats the mean

Median Is the middle number after the numbers are arranged in numerical order. Here is how to find it ...........

  1. Arrnge the data in ascendig order
  2. Find the middle number(s)
  3. If there is one you are done if there are two then you add them together
  4. Then take the added number and divide by two and you have got the median

Mode Is the most frequently occuring number in the set. Here is how it is done..........

  1. Arrange the numbers in ascending order
  2. Then find the most frequently occuring number. If there is none, and there is only one of every number in the data set, than you are done and there is no mode
  3. If there are two or more of one number, and three of another, then the one with three is the mode

Range Is the difference between the largest and the smallest number in the data set. Here is how its done.........
  1. Take the largest and the lowest number
  2. Subtract the lower number from the greater number
  3. And thats the range. Easy huh?


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    Trent your pictures are too large cna into the sidebar. Can you shrink them to fit the page better? Thanks for scribing

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