The Adventures Of Integer Rex

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Rex is a dinosaur.One day Rex got hungry and decided to go on an adventure to find some food. while he is out, Rex runs into some trouble and only integers can save him now!

So off went Rex. Rex had been walking for a while, he was getting really tired. Rex had come to a bridge. He was very happy when he did because he could see on the other side berries and all kinds of fruits! So Rex started across the bridge. All of a sudden a giant dragon jumped out from no where. (well from what Rex could see). The dragon grabbed Rex and said to him "if you can not answer this question i will eat you for dinner"! Rex said "what is the question"? The dragon said "(-3)+(+5)=" Rex said "(+2)" The dragon started laughing but then he realized that what Rex said was right! so the dragon snarled at Rex then put him down and flew away. Rex was so happy that he wasn't the dragons dinner, because then he would never be able to eat his yummy dinner of berries.

Off went Rex. Finally Rex was across the bridge. Now he thought that he was finally at the berries, but oh was he wrong. He was right that he saw that berries but there was a creek in between him and the berries. Rex was sad now because he thought that he would never get to eat that night. But Rex didn't give up. He told himself that he had to find a away over that creek. So Rex walked along the creek maybe he could find a log of a broken tree or something that he could walk over to get to the berries. And then he saw it! a tree had fallen over and made a small bridge over the creek. But what Rex thought was a bridge was really a small elf wizards home!

Rex started across the the tree but herd knocking and stomping coming from inside the tree! Rex got curious and decided to go investigate. So Rex bent over and look under the bridge and saw a whole! It was a small whole nothing Rex could fit into, so he decided to keep going. But that's not what the elf-wizard had in mind for Rex. All of a sudden The elf-wizard jumped in front of Rex and cast a spell on him so that he couldn't walk. Rex roared in terror and pleaded for the wizard to let him free but the elf-wizard refused to let him free until he answered a question!
The Elf-wizard said to Rex "i will let you free if you answer this question" "(-6)+(+10)=" .
Rex looked at the elf-wizard and said "(+4)". The elf-wizard look puzzled and crushed. he said "no one has ever been able to figure out my questions i guess you can go". Rex was thrilled! he said thank-you to the elf-wizard and went on his way.

Rex had finally reached the berries! So Rex ate and ate and ate until he could eat no more. So all in all Rex and crazy yet satisfying day!



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