Tracey's Integer Story

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Dora and the Mysterious Integers

Another adventure with Dora the Explorer : A loud scream awoken Dora. She ran downstairs looking for the loud scream. There she saw her mother disappointed. Dora asked her mother, what was wrong, and what was the problem. Her mother explained, she misplaced the diamond ring. She said that she hid it in the jewelery box, but when she opened it was empty, nothing but a piece of paper that had numbers on it. The piece of paper had written on it. It said " I have your diamond ring, and if you want it follow this map." The map had alot of different routes. They looked at the map, and saw THE RPS circled. They wonderd what RPS standed for. Dora said, lets not waste our time, and start tracking who ever stole the ring. Dora called Boots, and they were on there way. The first route said, (+12)+(-3).

(+12)+(-3)=? Help us. If were dealing with positive and negative numbers, the positives and the negatives cancel each other out, meaning they are zeropairs ! Lets use our imaginations and lets use Algebraic tiles.

Dora and Boots, took route 9. As they were walking, it started to rain. So, dora looked in her backpack if she had an umbrella handy. There was a tooth brush, 20 dollars, flash light, calculator, scrap paper, and a penicl. But no umbrella. As they walked, the rain came down harder. 5-10 mintues later they saw Chinn's Convienent store, the one they saw on the map. The map was wet, they couldn't use it anymore, it was useless. But at the convienent store, they sold maps. Dora asked the cashier if they sold any maps that led to The RPS. Chinn said yes there was, it was 3 dollars.

(+20)+(-3)=? Dora needed to think, what was 20 - 3 ? As, she thought, she used the strategy that Mr. Harbeck taught her. The " i have , i owe " strategy.

Dora and Boots bought the map, and they kept heading the same route, until they got to Pobre Mountain. Dora and Boots were very tired. They had 17 dollars left ! They could've bought some water, and some food. But as they were walking, they saw Bui's house. They walked up her sidewalk, and knocked on the door. Bui open and was surprised. Bui, loved it when Dora and Boots visited. Dora asked if they could have a drink of water, and a little snack they could eat. Bui, gave them glasses of water, and some crackers. As they were chatting, Dora explained how the ring was lost. Bui, was terrifyed with the terrible problem. Dora said, it wasnt to late yet, there is still hope in finding the diamond ring. Dora thanked Bui for the water and the snack. Dora and Boots headed out the door and continued to walk. They finally reached Pobre Mountain. They were on top of the mountain. There was two paths, but Dora didn't know where they were headed to, so she checked the map. The map showed which path to take to, but she need help, the answer was to hard.

It was (+5)+(+2). But the question didnt seem really hard. Boots came up with the answer, he used his mental math skills.

They were on the last path to get to the RPS. They kept walking and walking. As they were walking, they passed by a big large bush, and in that bush, they knew that someone was hiding. Dora was curious, so she went over to look. OH NO ! it was swipper. Swipper wants to steal the map, say " Swipper no swipping, Swipper no swipping." Yay, you got swipper to leave ! If he stole the map, we would've been lost. 5-10 minutes later, they saw the RPS. They walked in, and it was dark and empty, there was nobody there. Dora walked up to the front desk and found a note. It said, " if you want your diamond, follow these routes, and you will find me."

Dora and boots were scared, they didn't want to keep looking. But they were people who gave up, there not gonna settle until they find the ring. The first route said (+478)+(-523) there was no way they could figure it out.



  1. Lissa 8-16 said...

    NICE WORK! Your story is very interesting. I like how there are lots of information in each paragraph. I like your pictures that you posted and it was ALMOST perfect. I think all you have to do with this story is re-read it, because there are 1 or 2 spelling mistakes but thats about it.

    October 29, 2008 at 8:22 PM  

  2. bobby 8-16 said...

    Good job Tracey!! Your story was very long so i thought it was going to be boring but i read the whole thing and i didn't get bored, it was very interesting.The pictures are great. Melissa's right theres 1 or 2 spelling mistakes. NICE STORY!!

    October 29, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

  3. Abby 8-16 said...

    Hey Tracey! I thought your story was very creative. I saw a few spelling and capitalization mistakes. I thought your pictures were done well because it looks nice with the characters in it.

    November 2, 2008 at 2:26 PM  

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