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Monday, October 27, 2008
Ena incredible integer story!!!

There once was a girl named Ena, she was a very smart girl. One day Ena was sent to a quest to try to find the missing jewels that was stolen from their kingdom. While she was walking through a forest he saw a guy playing the flute. When he was done playing he told a story to Ena about a dragon who lives in a castle way beyond the caves. Only one spell can kill the dragon and set free the goddess of air. The spell of wise and courage. Ena didn’t know what it means so she just carried along not knowing what it means. When she went to the entrance of the palace he saw an integer question and a message saying you must answer this before you can enter the dungeon of the dragon. It was an integer question no one can never figure out except her. She tries to answer but she doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong.

When she was about to enter she heard a voice under the bridge so she went to look where it is coming from. When she was in the bridge she saw a guy holding a knife and she taught it was a killer but she found it was only chopping the food he’s going to eat for dinner. Ena asked the guy “Who are you” but the guy didn’t answer her. She went down the bridge and she saw the same guy playing the flute earlier. The guy asked her if she’s hungry so the guy invited Ena for dinner. After Ena is done the guy told a story to Ena about his wife. He said that he’s wife was a beautiful girl but one day she just vanished like a air blowing and gone. He said he didn’t know what happen to her and up to this day he still misses her. After he told the story to Ena they heard a growl coming from the dungeon and a treasure chest come flying through them with an Integer question written on it to open it. And again Ena figured it out but doesn’t know If it’s correct.

The treasure chest contained key that has a skull bone drawings all over it and it was as large as a palm of a hand. Ena thinks that the key was for the door of the dungeon so she tried it out. Just before Ena was about to open the door the old man warned her again about the dragon living in the castle. When Ena entered the castle he heard the growl getting louder and louder then right in front of her a big dragon came up and started to attack her but the dragon stopped and flew again. Ena was so scared that he passed out, when Ena woke up he saw the old guy sitting beside her and she ask the guy what happen. The guy said “you passed out the entrance so I carried you back here at my home”. Ena didn’t do anything, the next day Ena prepared a tools to fight against the dungeon. Ena entered the dungeon again and this time she’s ready to face the dragon. Another door just about 20 meters away from the other one another integer question was written on it so Ena hurried up and answer it and carried along to the next place.

She didn’t know what was coming so when she was about to enter she saw a witch flying around and attacked her. The witch used a wand to attack her but as quick as possible Ena dodged the magic and attacked the witch with a bone arrow but it didn’t work because the witch is to fast. Ena tried so many times to hit her but it just doesn’t work. The witch had Ena cornered but Ena used a potion to put smoke all around and Ena Dodged secretly so the witch wouldn’t hear her. When Ena went behind the witch she strucked the witch with his bone arrow and the witch melted away and leave something behind. The witch left a potion of immortality behind Ena dranked it and she felt an amazing power building inside of her. When she was done she went to the next door and find another door with an integer on it so Ena tried answered it and the door opened.

When Ena opened the door he found a city full of people with shopping stores and things. Ena didn’t know where she was she was wearing different clothes for medieval town but she saw many people wearing uniforms and shirts so she got scared and run away. A guy saw her and he said “umm… Are you alright”. Ena didn’t answer and she just fainted because she was so thirsty. The guy took her to his house when Ena woke up he saw herself lying on a bed and have some bandages on. When the guy came to the room he saw Ena awake so he prepared her some soup so she would be better. While Ena was eating soup she asked the guy what was his name and the guy said “Eric”. “Nice to meet you Eric, my name is Ena. Eric took Ena to an arcade bar then there was one game that talks about integer which Ena was really good at. Ena answered it as quickly as possible and the other questions too until she got to level 100 and finished the game. Everyone in the arcade bar was so impressed the they gave her an award.Then they went to a few more places the Ena got so tired, while she was walking she saw a very big door it was opened. Inside was a guy with a very large sword almost as big as 3 story building. The guy attacked her and the solid titanium ground almost cracked and the ground shakes. Ena tried to attack her but it didn’t do anything, when Eric saw the guy a mysterious light came out of his forehead blinding the monster. It give Ena the chance to attack and completely destroy the monster. When the light went out Eric fainted then Ena took him to his house and treated him. When Eric woke up he saw a note on the table saying “ Mr. Eric thanks for helping me and I hope to see you again someday” Ena. Eric was sad because Ena is the only best friend he ever had. Ena continued to the door then she saw another integer and answer it and went to the next place.

When Ena was on the other side she saw another town this time it was full of wizards and mages. She saw a guy that’s causing to much trouble in town that everyone hated him. No one ever likes James he was just a beginner mage training in a wizard school. Ena talked to James she said “ummm….what are you doing” asked Ena. She saw a dog turned into an Octupus, fish, bird and pig combined together to make a really ugly kind of looking monster. James said “I was just practicing on my skills if you can call this a skill”. Ena tried the wand but nothing happened when James tried the wand again he turned hi dog into a 10 headed cute little kittens. After that he tuned him into a 20 foot 40 headed vicious dragon that’s destroying the town. When the townsfolk’s saw the dragon they all blamed James and went after him, good thing Ena hid James just in time for the firework’s biggest and brightest fireworks’ display. Ena hid James in an old house by the shore of course she couldn’t get in because the lock was an integer lock so she answered it as quickly as possible because it was freezing outside.

When Ena and James were sleeping Ena saw a door that leads out of nowhere. When she opened it lead her back to the castle, when she entered the door locked and the dragon came out of nowhere. First the dragon fired a big fire ball to Ena but she dodged it as quickly as possible. There was no way for her to attack the dragon because it was too big and impossible to be attacked. When the castle was almost destroyed Ena got hit with a huge rock from the ceiling she couldn’t barely stand up, then James came out of nowhere and lifted the rock so Ena would have a chance to attack. When a fog came it was the time to attack but it seemed like it didn’t seem to affect the dragon at all. When Ena was looking around for James and James was nowhere to be found in the castle. Ena had all bruises and cuts around his body and she can’t even stand up. When Ena was about to back down she saw a heart it was a heart of love then when she touched it she heard different kind of voices. “you can do it, We give you our wisdom, c’mon you can do it, My daughter I miss you I wonder where you are, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT ENA!!!”. When she heard all those voices she stands up and an enormous light came out of the sky and healed Ena and it also gave an enormous power to Ena no one has never even imagine. In one big huge blast it strikes the dragon right in the heart and killed the dragon and restored balance to the Earth. When the fighting was done she had a choice in either to go back to her world or go back to Eric. Ena had a better choice, she destroyed the castle that blocks the human world and their world. So now Ena and Eric got to see each other again. Three years after Ena and Eric got married and lived in a very peaceful place. They had three children named Eric, Ena and James. When Ena was looking at the beach she saw the old guy in the shore and turned into a heart so the heart that’s guiding Ena all along was the old guy.



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