Scribe Post for December 2, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Today in class, we made a new fold able. They title of the new fold able was called "My Algebra Words"

On the outside there are three squares, the first box, was an example on algebraic expressions. An Example of an algebraic equation is n+6=8. N=Variable. A variables are letters that represent numbers.

The second heading in the second box was Adding Words. Adding words are ; plus, add, increase, sum etc.

The third heading in the third box was Subtracting Words. Subtracting words are ; take away, minus, less than, reduce, etc.

When you open the fold able the fourth heading in fourth box is fourth box is Multiplying words. Multiplying Words are ; times, of, multiplying, etc.

The fifth heading in the fifth box is Dividing Words. Dividing words are ; divided, goes into, a certain number of parts, etc.

The last heading in the last box is Words that mean equal. Words that mean equal are ; equal, equal to, is, results in, gives you, makes, etc.

The homework for to night was the first page on our new booklets. We had to do all of letter A 1-10. We had to write an English phrase for the following mathematical phrases. The first question was 3x. The English phrase for 3x is three times a number.

That's what we pretty much did in class, but remember to do your poems! If you need help with your poems read Kyle's scribe post, it can really help you for those who have trouble. Please leave comments, and help me make my scribe post better! Thanks (:


  1. gian 8-16 said...

    Hey Tracey , I like your use of colors and the picture. It was very well done and by the way good job at explaining the things we did today. (:

    December 5, 2008 at 9:05 PM  

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