The Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008
Adding Integers (Haiku)

Adding Integers,
Have 'n' owe will help you learn,
As will number lines,

Subtracting Integers (Tanka)

Subtracting Integers,
Plus and Minus make Minus,
Plus and Plus make Plus,
Both Minus will make Plus,
Minus with Plus makes Minus,

Partitive Division (Cinquain)

Equal Groups,
Separating, answering, simplifying,
Solution for division questions,
Grouped Quantity,

Quotative Division (Diamante)

Quotative Division,
Fraction-like, simple,
Separating, dividing helping,
Doubling, tripling, increasing,
Quick, fun,

Pratt's Law (Free Verse)

In the marvelous world of math,
multiplying helps a lot,
I know it's harder than a bath,
but it's better than smoking pot,

With math comes lots of laws and rules,
Pratt's Law is one of them,
knowing this will help all you fools,

When mult'plying or dividing,
All would depend on one thing,
"How many negative integers?"
even would make positive,
and odd would make negative,

All laws are made for our safety,
Pratt's Law is one of them,
It will keep you from failing,
And from Mr. Harbeck's flip flops.

Chapter 2
Combining Like Terms & the Distributive Property

Moe: Lester, I think you did the math homework wrong. You said that n +3 -5n +12 is -4n +15. I think you are wrong.
Lester: Well Moe, why do you figure that?
Moe: Well, I got a different answer. This is how I did it. The question said n +3 -5n +12, right? So I put the like terms together. The n with the 5n and the 3 with the 12. That gave me 6n+15.
Lester: I still think you're wrong.
Moe: Why?
Lester: Well, when you added the n's, you forgot that the first n was a positive.
Moe: Oh.
Lester: Yeah. So instead of n +3 -5n +12 being 6n +15, its actually -4n +15.
Moe: Okay. So I guess I did 2 +4(3n +8) wrong.
Lester: Show me how you did it.
Moe: Okay. So 2 +4 times 3n plus eight. I multiplied first and got 12n then it was 2 +8 which is ten. So I have 2 +4(3n +8) equals 12n +10.
Lester: Yeah you did this wrong. In distributive property you have to multiply everything in the brackets not just the first one. What you did was multiply the first one and not 8.
Moe: Oh man!
Lester: It's okay. So if you do it properly, you will get 2 +4(3n +8) equals 2 +12n +32. And from there you will get 12n + 34.
Moe: Oh I see. Thanks a lot Lester.
Lester: Moe, you're welcome.

Chapter 3

One Step Equation Solving
The step in this equation is to isolate the variable. You can do that by adding the opposite of the constant with the variable.

Important step: add the opposite. Once you do that, its basically just like a additive equation.


Once again, isolate the variable. You do this by doing the opposite operation being done to the variable with the same number. In this case you must divide.


Chapter 4
Algebra With Algetiles

*This is a video of Abby and Melissa solving algebra equations with algebra tiles, not me.*


  1. kiko8-16 said...

    I really like your poetry but when i was reading your poems i notice something wrong with the tanka poems. BUt the rest is goo, Keep up the good work

    December 9, 2008 at 7:14 AM  

  2. kiko8-16 said...

    good*i made a spelling mistake

    December 9, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

  3. jaymie said...

    His flip flops do hurt. :P
    i love your poems!

    December 17, 2008 at 6:09 PM  

  4. Jessica16 said...

    Love your Pratt's Law poem! His flip flop haha, I hope I never ome in conact with one of those!

    February 15, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

  5. Patrick 8-16 said...

    Nice job Nicko! Hope he hits JP with his flip flops LOL!

    February 16, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

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