Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Chapter one : Math Poems

Adding Integers--Cinquain

adding integers
plus, add
adding, increasing, summing
adding integers are fun
combining integers

Subtracting Integers--Picture

Subtracting Integers is decreasing number. You never really subtract integers
you add the opposite. use a calculator, but it's hard to put it in the right integer.

Partitive Division--Cinquain

partitive division
equal, groups
grouping, sharing, equaling
sharing equally with friends

Quotative Division--Haiku

Dividing into
How many times does it fit
how much in each group

Pratts Law--Free Verse

When you multiply an even amount of negative integers the product is always positive
When you multiply an odd amount of negative integers the product is always negative

Math movie


James:Hey, Matt

Matt:Do you know about the distributive property

James: Ah..... No, No I do not

Matt: well do you want me to show you?

James:No, Not really but okay, show me

Matt: I would not show you if yo do not want to know

James: oh but I want to know

Matt: you do not sound like you want to know

James: Just show me before I leave

Matt: I will show you two explains

James: yes


James: yes

Matt: +3+12=15,n-5n=4n,= 4n+15

James oh wow, that alot to take in

Matt: yah,i know it, and I'm sorry I have another one for you

James: oh great


Matt:4x3n=12n,4x8=+32, +32+2=+34 and the anwer is 12n+34

James: ah yah I get it now thank you bye

Matt:your going so fast

James: yes, I have things to do right now

Matt: ok bye bye

James:Yah.... see yah


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