The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Chapter 1
Addition(picture poem)

Subtracting Poem(Haiku)

Subtract is easy.

Because you never subtract.

You just do adding.


Partitive means part.

Cause you part number in group.

And don't have extras.

Quotative Division
(It's really hard to see the picture because the camera wasn't working well so just ask me what you don't see and I'll show you)

Pratt's Integer law

Pratt's Integer law is the best

Trust me use it on a test

I'm going to explain how

get off of facebook and listen now.

When you multiply an even

amount of negative integers

remember the answer is positive first

Odd numbers are different now

listen I know you're gonna ask how

Odd is negative not positive

it's also not Partitive

Odd times a even is always negative.

Chapter II
Bill: Hey Christine long time no see! How have you been?
Christine: Fine you know going to college studying hard same thing, how about you?
Bill: Same too. Wait you're smart right?
Christine:Yeah, why?
Bill: Well, we had this homework that i forgot how to do and i still got a lot of things to do and i have to worry about this.
Christine: Well, what is it you know I' m here if you need help.
Bill: It's Distributive Property and Algebra and i know we learned it in elementary but i just forgot how to do it?
Christine: Well, give me an example and i'll see what i can do.
Bill: Ok here's one n+3-5n+12 and I got -6n+15 as an answer
Am I right?
Christine: Well first you need to...
Bill: WAIT wait wait let me right it down
Christine: Okay as I said you need to combine them like terms you know like combine things that are alike. Then when you get it you either add them you know what ever the sign is. Okay in this question we combine negative five n with n then three with twelve. Then in negative 5 n and n we get negative five n because the n that's all alone is or stands for one so you subtract one from negative five n and you get negative four. For three plus twelve you get fifteen so the answer will be -4n+15. You were right on the fifteen but not on the negative 6
Bill: Oh so that's how it is. How about 2 + 4(3n+8) and I got 12n + 10 is it right?
Christine: Well let see....
Bill:wait not done yet...hmmm.hmmmm.hmmmm....okay finish, now how do you do the second one.
Christine:For 2+4(3n+8) First you need to do the brackets but you can't do it like the order of operation. You need to use the four beside it that's what's called Distributive Property.
Bill: ohh so that's Distributive Property. Okay how do you do it.
Christine: Okay first you multiply 4 times 3 then you get 12 n okay then just leave that and do the same thing to the other one 4 times 8 is 32 then you just write it down then just put the two down. Remember what i said about Combining Like Terms.
Bill: Yeah you said to combine things that are alike. Do we do that with this one too?
Christine: Yes, so we comine 32 and 2 together and it makes 34 and put down the 12 n then you get 34+12n and that would be your answer.
Bill: Wait it's all coming back now. Thanks Christine You're the best.
Christine:No problem just give me a call on my cell whenever you need some help. You still remember my cell number right?
Bill: Yap thanks again , Bye
Christine: okay bye:)

Japanese Algebra Movie

Chapter III One step equation
Hi guys for my chapter 3 I drew pictures not tile, explaining how to do Additive,Subtractive,Multiplicative,Dividend(if a word).


Sorry if the movie is under here I don't know how to fix it



Chapter IV
Sorry if the video is cut in two because my camera has run out of battery in the first one so I had to charge it and do the last part
(I did this together with Jay Paculan and Brandon Obcena)

There's still part 2 but it's taking long to process


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