The Great Big Book Of Algebra

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Integer Poetry Chapter 1

Adding Integers (Tanka)

Adding integers
Positive or negative
Makes life easier
When using the h
ave and owe
Or using a number line

Subtracting Integers (Tank

This does not exist
Diminishing integers
What shall happen then?
Negative to positive
And also the sign beside

Partative Division (Free Poetry)

One day as I walked down the street
I was hungry and wanting something to eat
I went to a candy store which wasn't that far
and bought four delicious candy bars.
As I walked out, it was still a nice day
Then all of a sudden, a friend came running my way.
He said "Hey I'm hungry, may I have a piece?"
I agreed and said "I didn't bite it yet at least."
I wondered how to split four into two
My friend said it's simple to do
Just share four into two equals groups
One for me, one for you
In the end my friend and I had two bars each

Is this a lesson you are willing to teach?

Quotative Division (Free Poetry)

Here is a lesson that will be fun
Now let's begin -- the time's not a ton
We'll use the number ten and five
Doesn't this make you feel so alive?
What is one m
ethod that we could use?
Well listen up, you silly goose!
This method is called quotative division
Don't worry! It's not a bad decision!
Here it goes.. are you ready everyone?
How many groups of five can go into ten? Can it be done?
Yes! It can! If you just think!
"What's the answer then?" I say with a wink.
The answer is two! It's two am I not right?
Yes, I am because quotative division doesn't bite!

Pratt's Law (Haiku)

Pratt's Law is vital
Odd makes negative
Even creates positive

Chapter 2: Combining Like Terms and Distributive Property

Amy: Hey Lily! What are you up to?

Lily: Hello, Amy. I'm just doing some homework. We're starting a new unit in math class.

Amy: Oh, I see.

Lily: The last question I was working on was 8x + 7 + 3x +
2. I simplified it to 15x + 5x

Amy: That doesn't seem right. How did you simplify the question?

Lily: Well, 8x + 7 = 15x, and 3x + 2 = 5x. Altogether it's simplified to 15x + 5x.

Amy: You did it wrong. It's because you didn't combine like terms. I'll show you the right way to simplify this. Eight x and 3x are similar because they both have the variable x. 7 and 9 are both similar because they are integers. So 8x + 3x = 11x, and 7 + 2 = 9. Altogether it's simplifie
d into 11x + 9.

Lily: .. Oh, I understand. I wasn't really paying attention in class, that's why. Well here's a question I simplified earlier : 8 + 5 (9 + 4x). Here's h
ow I simplified this question: 8 + 5 = 13. then 9 + 4x = 13x. Altogether it's simplified into 13 + 13x!

Amy: It's incorrect.

Lily: No it's not!

Amy: Yes, it is. You did this question wrong because you didn't answer in the brackets first.

Lily: What?!

Amy: Here, I'll show you the right way to simplify this question. When a number is beside a bracket, you are multiplying. First, multiply 5 by 9. The answer's 45. Then, 5 multiplied by 4x is 20x. Don't be confused if you see a plus sign in front of the 4x! It's just saying that 4x is positive inside the brackets. Then, since 45 is an integer, add 45 to the 8 that was left all alone in the beginning. 45+ 8 = 53. Now since 20x does not have
a partner, the simplified version of this question is 53 + 20x! You're answer was wrong because you didn't answer inside the brackets first.

Lily: Oh! That's how you do it! Thanks a lot Amy!

Amy: You're welcome! Just remember, listen to your teacher in class next time!

See the xtranormal video!

Chapter 3

Additive Type Equation:

Subtractive Type Equation:

Multiplicative Type Equation:

D Type Equation:

Chapter 4

Algebra Tiles Video from Abby Sarao on Vimeo.


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    HEY ABBY!(: I think your post is VERY well done, your so smart! But, one thing I think would make it PERFECT is if you make your chapter titles a different colour to make it stand out even more. But thats just my opinion. Your post is really good. Keep up the good work!

    February 11, 2009 at 8:29 PM  

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    Hey Abby, good job on your Great Big Book of Algebra. Keep up your great work ! :)

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