Bobby's Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bobby's Great Big Book of Algebra
Chapter 1

(tanka)adding integers
adding integers is very easy to do
just have a method
like using the number line
or use I have and I owe
(tanka)subtracting integers
this is not the way
only add the opposites
now that is the way
subtracting integers NO!
Adding opposites is YES!
partitive division(Free Verse)
one day I had 4 chocolate bars the brand was the chocolate mars I’m generous so I thought of sharing with my friend, I want us to have equal bars, at least that’s what I intend maybe I should share 4 into 2 equal groups it is just like the partitive division, one chocolate bar for me and one chocolate bar for you haring four into two equal groups is my decision GREAT!, equal chocolate bars for us two
quotative division(cinquian)
Just like division
How many will fit inside
The chosen number
Rule for Multiplying Integers(Free Verse)

Pratt’s Law is the best in the world
Which makes everyone laugh since it is so easy
All you have to do is multiply and check
If there are odd amount of negative integers
It will be negative answer
But if it is even, your answer will be positive!

Bobby's Great Big Book of Algebra
Chapter 2

Mrs. Hot: Hello Mr. Fire . How are you?

Mr. Fire: Hello Miss Hot. Well, I'm actually doing pretty good this year. I have a lot of crazy things happening.

Mrs. Hot:Oh. Well, we'll talk about it later. I heard you've been taking classes in mathematics. Tell me how is it?

Mr. Fire: It's actually been fun, I just started the lessons last Friday. Mr. Makutohomolo who's my math teacher , has been teaching me a lot of stuff I've never heard before and when he explained it i actually understand it.

Mrs. Hot:Well, I'm glad you understand it. Actually, Mr. Makutohomolo called earlier and he gave this show two questions for you to answer. Will it be okay if i ask u?

Mr. Fire: Wow. I think I can handle it sure u can ask.

Mrs. Hot: Okay. First question is n+3-5n+12. I looked at it earlier but then i couldn't find out the answers . It's too hard.

Mr. Fire: Well, this question is a combining like terms. This was the first lesson i learned from
Mr. Makutohomolo.

Mrs . Hot: So all we have to do is combine like terms.?

Mr. Fire: Yeah, that's it. But first, we have to group like terms.

Mrs. Hot: I think that's n-5n.

Mr. Fire: That's right . Now put the other numbers in that question.

Mrs. Hot: Okay, So it will be like n-5n+3+12. I think I can answer this. So the answer is -4n+15.

Mr. Fire: WOW That's right. Are you sure you haven't done this?

Mrs. Hot: Yea, I'm sure . But thanks to you I do now. There's another question Mr. Makutohomolo told me to ask you and explain it to me. The question is 2+4(3n+8).

Mr. Fire: This kind of question is about distributive property. This lesson was taught to me the second day of my classes with him. First, you have to multiply four by three n and by four by eight.

Mrs. Hot: I think that's 12n+32. Is that right?

Mr. Fire: Yeah. That is definitely right. Good Job. Now put the number 2 in it.

Mrs. Hot: So It will be like 12n+2+32. Now if i would answer this it will be 12n+34. Is that right?

Mr. Fire: Yeah. Good Job. Now you have something to tell your kids about distributive property and combining like terms.

Mrs. Hot: Well, thank you so much for coming here tonight and answer some questions. Maybe you can come back next time.

Mr. Fire: Sure, I would totally go back next time.

Here's my video. Sorry if it's a bad movie. HAHA

Bobby's Great Big Book of Algebra
Chapter 3

Multiplicative equation
I group them and got the answer of n=-2.

Division equation
I isolated the 2 by multiplying the n by 2. Then on the other side i multiplied 10 by 2. That gives me 20. So, the answer is n=20.

Additive equation
I added a -2 since it was +2 and then i did the same thing at the other side. The answer is n=2

subtractive equation
Here I isolate the -2 by adding a +2. Then on the other side I added +2. That all makes n=6

Bobby's Great Big Book of Algebra
Chapter 4
Odun and Bobby Show


  1. traceyS 8-16 said...

    Hi Robert ! No one has commented yet, so i guess I will. To start things off, good job on your poems, there well done, but they could become a lot better if you add some colour, it would stand out more! Also, you have a few spelling and punctuation errors. Also, you should leave some spaces between your poems, so that your work would look very neat, but either than that good job, and good job putting all your effort into your work !

    December 7, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

  2. Nicko 8-16 said...

    Bobby your post is messy! AWESOME!!! Your poems are good and they make very good sense, so good job. I liked your free verse poem about the chocolate bar. Anyways, uhhhh... I basically agree with whatever TS said. Try to leave some spaces and brighten it a bit so people would be more attracted to it. I'm not saying its not attractive but it needs to get cleaned up a bit. Alright then, See yah!!

    December 8, 2008 at 12:23 AM  

  3. kiko8-16 said...

    I really liked your poem but i have to agree with Tracy and Nicko you should put some color coding. And when i was reading your poetry i don't know about the others but I notice your tanka kas problem and you should put some spaces too. But the rest is good. Keep up the good work!

    December 9, 2008 at 7:18 AM  

  4. Jessica16 said...

    nice job lol. interesting names you chose for the xtranormal people.
    I also agree with them, colour coding would have been good.
    good job though :]

    February 15, 2009 at 1:34 PM  

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