The Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008
Chapter 1.

Adding Integers - Picture

Subtracting Integers - Haiku
Add the opposite
Never subtract integers
It'll be easy

Partitive Division -Free Verse
I bought 18 pieces of candy
It was for me and my friend Mandy
Mandy said "let's use the partitive division strategy"
And I said " Okay, teach me how, so I can see and maybe it'll help me"
She put one in her pile and one in mine
And once she finished we each got nine

Quotitive Division - Tanka
How many can fit ?
Pick two different numbers
Let's use six and three
Three can go into six twice
So the answer will be two

Pratt's Law - Free Verse
Pratt's law is very easy
All we have to remember is
if we have an even amount of positive
the answer will turn out positive
But, if we have an odd amount of negative
the answer will stay negative
Use it on a test and you'll do your very best !

Chapter 2.
Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Jaylen: Hey! What are you doing ?
Lyn: Hi! Im just thinking about Combining like terms.
Jaylen: What is Combining like terms ?
Lyn: It is just math. An example is n+3 minus 5n+12
Jaylen: Wow that seems easy, the answer to that question is negative 6n+15
Lyn: How did you get that answer ? My answer was negative 4n + 15
Jaylen: First we have to look at the question and change all the minus signs into plus signs. Then we look for all the terms that are in the question. There are only two terms. 5n and n . 5n + n equals 6n. Don't forget to do the rest of the question. 3 plus 12 equals fifteen. So the answer is 6n plus 15.How did you get negative 4n plus 15 ?
Lyn: First I thought of all the terms. There is only two terms , n and negative 5n. You have to remember when you are adding terms wether there positive or negative the same rule applies. When you add a positive with a negative the zero pairs cancel each other out. You have n and negative 5n you add them together and you get negative 4n. The rest of the question is 12 plus 3 and that equals 15. So, my answer is negative 4n plus 15.
Jaylen: But you have to remember that we aren't always adding negative and positive terms. Just remember to change the negative signs into positive signs. It will help you a lot . 5n+n+12+3= 6n + 15
Lyn: Oh man, your right. Your strategy is really good, and your right it can help.
Jaylen: Don't worry everyone makes mistakes. Let's try another question. How about 2 + 4(3n+8).
Lyn: Okay let me think about this, and use your strategy. Okay the answer is12n+34
Jaylen: Really that's weird I got 12n+10 explain how you got your answer.
Lyn: first i multiplied 4 and 3n. I got 12n. Then i multiplied 4 and 8 and I got 32. Also, you have to add thirty-two and two and you get 34, so the answer is 12n+34
Jaylen: Oh yeah ! I forgot to multiply 4 and 8. My mistake, your answer it correct.
Lyn: We have to focus on our thinking so that we could be both great people at math.
Jaylen: this was a nice discussion, let's do it again someother time. Bye !
Lyn: Bye !

Here's my movie.

Chapter 3.
Additive Type

Subtractive Type

Multiplicative Type

D Type
Chapter 4:


  1. Nicko 8-16 said...

    Hi! Well Tracey, we meet again. Good job on the poem. It was really educational i guess. I really enjoyed the "Adding Integers" one. It had a picture. It was really cool.
    It was really big and the writing was really dark and it was in a shape of an addition sign and it awesome. Well anyways, good job! LatEr!!!

    December 8, 2008 at 12:29 AM  

  2. kiko8-16 said...

    Tracey i really liked your poem and i really enjoyed reading it and i learned a lot.The poems i really like is your free verse poems because it rhymes and rhyming poem is my favorite. Keep up the good work!

    December 9, 2008 at 7:24 AM  

  3. Patrick 8-16 said...

    Hey Tracey! Good job on your poems! I really like your addition poem...simple but awesome xD Bye!

    February 16, 2009 at 8:50 PM  

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